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Have you seen the previews for the Eddie Murphy movie Meet Dave? It’s the one where the actor’s body is really a spaceship piloted by teenie-tiny aliens on an exploring mission. It actually looks rather funny, except that it’s Eddie Murphy – the guy doesn’t have exactly stellar records when it comes to box office comedies.

If you’re looking for something with a much better track record, look no further than the acclaimed webcomic Comedity 2.0. In some ways, Comedity has a similar premise; only replace a human shaped ship full of aliens with a head full of personalities – literally. Compared to Comedity’s Garth, Freud had it easy with just id, ego and superego. Garth, on the other hand, must deal with personality like the opinionated Reader, the suave Gentleman, the not-seen-much Inner Cool Guy and the hyperactive Red Right Hand, who makes Deadpool look like kindergarten kid – and even a few personalities to spare.

It’s good to see all these personalities, collectively dubbed the Council, steer Garth through life’s path. His friends seem to even be somewhat aware of Garth’s path of multiple personalities – his best friend Larom finds Garth’s random Penguin side endearing, while girlfriend has taken a certain liking to Garth rarely-seen Inner Cool Guy. It’s clear real life Comedity creator Garth Cameron Graham doesn’t take the rules of his Comedity creation so seriously that it stifles the webcomic altogether, and some of the updates deal with issues mostly separate from Garth’s internal debate – like rock climbing.

On the other hand, when you have just as lively a cast within Garth’s head as without, space is the one commodity Comedity can’t quite afford, as one setting can sometimes neglect the others. Still, the events are intrinsically linked – as we know Garth probably wouldn’t be hanging limply for a rock climbing set if it wasn’t for his infamous Red Right Hand persona. This sprawling mental case of cause and effect is what makes Comedity so enjoyable and even a little bit creepy – as it gets us thinking what voices vie for control within our own minds.  


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