The Wild Cat Named Seeley

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Hot on the heels of the move of his creator-owned title Hack/Slash from Devil's Due Publishing to Image Comics BF chats to Tim Seeley about his other skill... drawing comics! Tim Seeley is currently the artist on DC/Wildstorm's Wildcats (formerly known as W.I.L.D.Cats) as well as doing new character designs for the title.

BROKEN FRONTIER: Working at DC on Wildcats from #19  is something you really looked forward to, given that it is a multi-character book in a spandex universe. The critiques are very good on the run you and writer Adam Beechen have been doing. How do you feel about that?

It's been a blast. It really is something I wanted to do for a long time, and I'm glad people dig it.

BF: It shows! The current storyline in Wildcats is pretty grim. Most of the planet's population is gone and no government is available, so what next? Can you tell me if there is hope on the horizon after the Number of the Beast incident?

TS: I think it's a story about hope, and a chance to fix things after the world is a mess. Unfortunately, the characters first have to deal with each other, which is their biggest challenge.

BF: The Wildcats roster has grown a tad. How do you feel drawing so many characters?

TS: I'm prepared! Years of G.I.Joe set me up.

BF: How do you approach such a big roster in terms of panel layout so as not to disturb the reader's pleasure?

TS: It's all about the story, so I always make sure I tell the story first. Cool shots and tons of characters have to come after I make sure the story is clear.

BF: There is also a tie-in with Gen13 which you have penciled as well. Can you tell us a bit about that?

TS: I actually just designed some of the characters for it, but I didn't draw it. That was the great Cruddie Torian!

BF: From both teams, which is your favorite character to draw and, out of curiosity, who is the hardest?

TS: I really enjoy drawing Battalion, Zealot and Voodoo. The hardest is actually MIdnighter, followed closely by Grunge.

BF: What are your Wildcats plans? Until what issue are you a part of the art team?

TS: I've finished up to #25, and I think i'm on 'til #30 or so.

BF: An accomplished writer yourself (Hack/Slash, Loaded Bible) how do you feel about drawing someone else's stories?

TS: I like it. It lets me focus on drawing instead of stressing out about the plot.

BF: As a writer you might bring an extra edge to the art team. Do you feel like that does happen in your case?

TS: I think Adam is more than capable of the job, and doesn't need me to help write. I think I work well as a guy to bounce ideas of of, but this is Adam's tale and I'm just here to deliver it as cool as possible.

BF: Finally, how do you feel being part of Wildstorm and spearheading Wildstorm's future?

TS: As a fan of the universe and a lot of the characters, this was a great opportunity for me, and I've had a lot of fun delivering it.

WildCats #22 with art by Tim Seeley goes on sale from DC/WildStorm on April 28.

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