The Wonder and Magic of Owly

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What is it about Owly that makes it worthy of the 2004 All-Ages Paper Screen Gem Award? Take one look at the art, then read the story and you’ll fully understand. The wonder and magic of Owly defies description, but at the same time offers something universally wondrous that anyone anywhere can relate too.

Owly offers a sharp contrast to the anti-heroes, the harsh realism of mature themes and the ever-present envelope pushing that has become the backbone of mainstream comics. While others are embroiled in gritty, immoral violence, Owly embraces an innocent wonder that shines through the darkness like a beacon of hope.

This new series from Top Shelf Productions embodies a sweet, inspiring theme about a kind little owl who realizes what’s worth striving for in our short time on this Earth. Owly isn’t out to get over on anyone, or get away with anything. Owly is only interested in making friends and enjoying life in a heartwarming fashion.

The real beauty of art lies in the fact that the instant your eyes land on it, you have a pure reaction to it, good or bad. The first time I ever laid eyes on Owly, a smile started in my heart and quickly spread outward to every cell in my body. Andy Runton has managed to capture the magical essence responsible for warm hearts and sincere smiles in a few simple strokes of his pencil.

Everyone everywhere needs a little more Owly in his or her life. The world would be a much better place if he could touch us all the way he touches those in his circle of friends. Simply put, Owly makes being kind to others cool again.

- Mike Bullock

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