This Week's Must-Have Comics: April 25, 2012

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It's almost Wednesday, and you know that means a fresh load of comics and graphic novels! With so much stuff hitting your local comics store or digital storefront, BF is here to lead you through the woods with our handy overview of books you can't afford to miss on April 25th.

Make sure to check the site tomorrow too, as we take an in-depth look at another big release this week in our weekly Guiding Lines column: Wolverine #305.

Airboy Deadeye #1
Chuck Dixon (W), Ben Dunn (A), Antarctic Press, $3.99

Armed with his World War II fighting spirit and a miraculous plane, Dave Nelson returns to the skies in a brand new limited series.  The teenaged fighting ace, better known as Airboy, lands his feet in postwar Tokyo, where a malevolent conspiracy is poised to send the destroy country back into the throngs of war!  Only Airboy and his amazing plane, Birdy, could possibly save the day, and the world from another costly war.  Airboy instantly sounds like a classic, and above all else fun, limited series, where action and story take importance over gimmick and clever writing, making it stand out from the crowd.


American Vampire #26
Scott Snyder (W), Roger Cruz (A), Vertigo Comics, $2.99

The ranks of the American vampires continue to grow as Calvin Poole returns to the series carrying a deadly secret.  In this new two-part interlude drawn by Roger Cruz, Scott Snyder is set to turn the series on its head, as fan favorites Pearl Jones and Skinner Sweet realize they are no longer the only members of a new breed of vampire.  American Vampire reliably delivers some of the best stories in the industry, and this new offering in a new decade is sure to not disappoint.


AVX vs. #1
Jason Aaron (W), Kathryn Immonen (W), Adam Kubert (A), Stuart Immonen (A), Wade Von Grawbadger (A), Marvel Comics, $3.99

If the over the top action in Marvel’s Summer blockbuster, Avengers vs. X-Men, does not satisfy your cravings for hero on hero violence, AVX vs. certainly will!  This first issue of the “premier” AVX tie-in will finally answer every reader’s burning questions about the strength of their favorite heroes, as Magneto squares off against Iron Man (is that even a fair fight?), while The Thing takes on Namor.  Marvel has promised that AVX vs will be almost pure action, as battles from the main series carry over to explode into even more frenzied events. The scale of AVX is destined to be beyond massive, surely making it the home for this summer’s most exciting feats.


Jerusalem Chronicles from the Holy City HC
Guy Delisle (W and A), Drawn and Quarterly, $24.95

For centuries, Jerusalem has been one of the most contested and culturally influenced cities in the world.  With his new hardcover original title, Jerusalem Chronicles from the Holy City, Guy Delisle aims to explore the impact of centuries worth of religious animosity, all seen through the eyes of its Jewish, Muslim, and Christian citizens.  Considering the tense relationships between all three groups in the ancient city, a delicate and respectful take on the topic is a much needed and welcome avenue to discover how life truly exists in Jerusalem.


Lost Dogs GN
Jeff Lemire (W and A), Top Shelf Productions, $9.95

Having had the rare chance to read Jeff Lemire’s Lost Dogs, this week’s rerelease of the Xeric Award Winning title is sure to be quite exciting for new fans of Lemire’s haunting work.  A rough and emotionally raw title, Lost Dogs captures Lemire at the earliest stage of his storytelling career, one that is vaguely familiar yet powerful nonetheless.  It’s clear how this unpolished title influenced Lemire’s later work, including Sweet Tooth and the amazing Essex County, where the subdued style focuses on smaller character moments brought to life by simple images.  Lost Dogs may not compare to the greatness of Lemire current work, but the lessons learned from its creation are worthy of your time and money.


Mass Effect: Homeworlds #1
Mac Walters (W), Eduardo Francisco (A), Dark Horse Comics, $3.50

The Mass Effect universe is one of the most organic, vibrant, and exciting universes created ever.  Now series lead writer Mac Walters turns to the comics world to pen an anthology of stories centered on different characters from this year’s biggest videogame release, Mass Effect 3.  In Walters’ first offering, the brash soldier James Vega takes the stage in what is sure to be a volatile and action-packed issue.  With so much room for the Mass Effect universe to grow, a brand new series is nothing short of a must have for any fan.


Rich Johnston’s Sciencethorlogy
Rich Johnston (W), Michael Netzer (A), Boom! Studios, $3.99

What happens when you take one part superhero comics, one part alternate history, one part wacky religion, mix it all up in a preposterous blender, then throw it onto a comics page?  Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool fame hopes his new title, Sciencethorlogy has the answer.  In his new title, Johnston asks the “burning” question on everyone’s mind, “what if the Norse god Thor was truly the spawn of Scientology-esque gods, sent to inspire Earthlings to follow a new doctrine of religious beliefs?”  The idea alone is insane, yet the mix of influences and religious commentary is sure to deliver several gut-busting laughs.


The Goon #39
Eric Powell (W and A), Dark Horse Comics, $3.50

The cover of Eric Powell’s The Goon #39 just may be the funniest, crudest, most candid take on the superhero genre ever.  Dark Horse claims that Powell has sold-out The Goon; repackaging and rebranding his once mature title in order to compete with the big two.  Now the Goon returns to Dark Horse with a new costume, competing colored corps, a new politicized origin, and many other media-whoring qualities!  Prepare for fun, for rage, and many unexpected possibilities in The Goon #39!

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