This Week's Must-Have Comics: July 11, 2012

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It's almost Wednesday, and you know that means a fresh load of comics and graphic novels! With so much stuff hitting your local comics store or digital storefront, BF is here to lead you through the woods with our handy overview of books you can't afford to miss on July 11th.

Adventure Time: Marceline Scream Queens #1
Meredith Gran (W), Chynna Clugston (A), Boom! Studios, $3.99

Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time is an incredibly hilarious all-ages adventure that delivers gut busting laughs amidst ridiculous escapades.  Boom!’s previous ventures through the lives of the ever brave Finn and Jake channeled the look, tone, and voices of Adventure Time’s world perfectly, making this second rodeo all the more exciting considering Marceline’s vampiric involvement.  As Princess Bubblegum’s new found appreciation brings her into Marceline’s folds as a new bandmate, there’s no telling what adventuring shenanigans are about to ensue.


American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares #2
Scott Snyder (W), Dusting Nguyen (A), Vertigo Comics, $2.99

Last month’s American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares delivered page after page of gory vampire carnage and heart-wrenching series-defining moments.  Personal favorite Pearl Jones made her saddened return to Scott Snyder’s vampire universe, finding herself alone as her husband fights for his life following an attack from a vengeful vampire faction.  Dustin Nguyen’s art captured Rafael Albuquerque’s sharp art style incredibly well, making Lord of Nightmares the perfect companion to the American Vampire mythos.  With Lord Dracula set to make his deadly debut, American Vampire Lord of Nightmares will be the perfect book for any fan making the long drive to San Diego Comic-Con.


Chew: Secret Agent Poyo
John Layman (W), Rob Guillory (A), Image Comics, $2.99

John Layman and Rob Guillory penning a one-shot spin-off of every reader’s favorite deadly rooster?  Count me in!  Poyo is, without a doubt, the zaniest creation John Layman created for Tony Chu’s world, and his triumphant cyborg return will surely be the most hilarious new offering of SDCC 2012.  Image is promising “feathers, rage, and hate!” which is clearly means Secret Agent Poyo will be all-star mix of action and laughter.


Locke & Key HC Vol. 5: Clockworks
Joe Hill (W), Gabriel Rodriguez (A), IDW Publishing, $24.99

Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s Clockworks volume of the amazing Locke & Key finally gave readers the history of the Locke family, Key House, and the mysterious other-worldly powers of the keys they own.  From the outset, Clockworks shocked readers and critics alike with the heart-wrenching deaths of the Locke family’s ancestors who fought against British forces during the Revolutionary War, which set the entire forthcoming history with Key House keys in motion.  With only one last volume until Locke & Key ends, now is the perfect time to prepare for the fateful and deadly conclusion that starts this Fall.


The Massive #2
Brian Wood (W), Kristian Donaldson (A), Dark Horse Comics, $3.50

Brian Wood returns to the world of politics and commentary as his new series, The Massive, sets sail.  After humanity’s livelihood is utterly shattered from the awesome destructive power of several natural disasters,  Callum Israel, the captain of the search cruiser Kapital, sets out on the oceans in search of the Kapital’s missing sister ship, The Massive.  The world Brian Wood has crafted is diverse, layered, and vastly different than our own, making this series as unpredictable as it is exciting.


The Walking Dead #100
Robert Kirkman (W), Charlie Adlard (A), Image Comics, $3.99

It has been a long, long time coming, but Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard’s mammoth 100th issue finally hits stands this week, and is guaranteed to be an ultimate story changer for Rick and his new “safe” community.  Over the past year, Kirkman and Adlard have slowly set the stage for this seminal release, delicately laying plot-threads that expose Rick’s borderline maddened state, Carl’s lack of touch with humanity, and the vulnerability of their community.  Walking Dead #99 saw Rick and several of his longest companions leave the fortified walls of their community, just as their rival faction prepared to attack and lay waste to their home.  Kirkman has shocked readers with the deaths of major characters in the past, but with the weight of 100 issues on his back, there is absolutely no way to tell where the famous writer will take readers this week.

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