This Week's Must Have Comics: May 23, 2012

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It's almost Wednesday, and you know that means a fresh load of comics and graphic novels! With so much stuff hitting your local comics store or digital storefront, BF is here to lead you through the woods with our handy overview of books you can't afford to miss on May 23rd.

Astonishing X-Men #50
Marjorie M. Liu (W), Mike Perkins (A), Marvel Comics, $3.99

Another week of comics, another milestone release for the X-Men line.  In Marjorie Liu’s Astonishing X-Men #50, Karma is rapidly losing control of her mutant mind, putting the entire team of mutants in danger.  Liu is setting her title and the X-Men up for a massive status-quo changing event, where members of the team must decide the fates of each other.  Marvel boasts that the shocking ending of Astonishing X-Men #50 will be one of the most talked about incidents of the year, making it a must-have for any X-Men fan.


Holliday GN
Nate Bowden (W), Douglass Dabbs (A), Oni Press, $19.99

Doc Holliday is one of the most beloved and legendary cowboys in all of Old West history, making Nate Bowden’s take on the deadly gambler too exciting to wait for.  In Holliday, the infamous gunman takes up shop in a new urban environment, transplanting his renowned gunplay skills to a whole new setting.  Caught between allegations of a double murder, and the oncoming storm of a massive war, Holliday’s new story is the perfect companion for anyone with an affinity for one of the Old West’s most “heroic” gunslingers. 


Hero Comics 2012
Matt Fraction (W), Ashley Wood (A), IDW Publishing, $3.99

In IDW Publishing’s new heroic anthology, creators Matt Fraction, Ashley Wood, J. Scott Campbell, and many more pump out numerous new stories to satiate the demands of any comics fan.  With new stories featuring The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Zombies vs. Robots, Rex Mantooth Kung-Fu Gorilla, and more, IDW hopes to captivate readers of all ages with heroic stories that will thrill and excite.  For only $3.99, it is clear that the amount of outstanding content is well worth the low price.


Irredeemable #37
Mark Waid (W), Diego Barreto (A), Boom! Studios, $3.99

Mark Waid’s landmark title, Irredeemable, comes to its epic conclusion this week as The Plutonian searches for his ultimate salvation.  Waid hopes to deliver more than a satisfactory ending to his project several years in the making, as his commentary on superheroes and society will hopefully reveal something basic about humanity and the world.  Irredeemable has garnered Waid nominations for both the Eisner and Harvey Awards, proving just how powerful and gripping his title has become.


Justice League Dark #9
Jeff Lemire (W), Mikel Janin (A), DC Comics, $2.99

The cast of Justice League Dark is about to receive its biggest shakeup since The New 52 began.  One of DC/Vertigo’s most talented writers, Jeff Lemire, is taking over the title and bringing his knack for creating tense atmosphere and ambience to a book that demands such skills.  In this perfect jumping on point for new readers, Lemire casts familiar members Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, and the rest of the Dark group into the clutches of Felix Faust, where magic across all spectrums is sure to run rampant.  The possibilities are truly endless as Dark’s new writer and new storyline hit the stands this week.


Mind MGMT #1
Matt Kindt (W and A), Dark Horse Comics, $3.99

Bursting from the mind of indie comics giant, Matt Kindt, comes a brand-new espionage series packed with psyching weapons, hyper-intelligent dolphins, and other brain-bending possibilities.  Following a young journalist on the hunt for the truth behind a commercial plane psychic mishap, Mind MGMT explodes into a massive cover-up story where history itself can be rewritten.  Mind MGMT is sure to be a series bursting with creativity and page-bending art, where the hunt for truth can reveal the strangest of events.


Youngblood #71
John McLaughlin (W), Jon Malin (A), Image Comics, $2.99

Rob Liefeld and Image Comics mark the 20th anniversary of the indie publisher’s creation with the title that started it all, Liefeld’s Youngblood.  Liefeld’s explosive series returns bigger, louder, and more dangerous than ever as the next generation of superheroes attempt to make their mark on the 21st century.  In Youngblood’s return, a wet-around-the-ears reporter finds herself attached to the team to shed an uneasy light on the team, only to find that the fierce group of heroes is one lineup not to be looked down upon.  For any fan of the original series, Youngblood #71 is sure to be a welcome return to Image Comics.


True Blood Ongoing #1
Ann Nocenti (W), Michael Gaydos (A), IDW Publishing, $3.99

IDW Publishing continues to be the home of licensed properties as Alan Ball’s massive hit HBO series, True Blood, returns to the indie publisher.  Written by Ann Nocenti, True Blood Ongoing #1 is sure to be the scintillating, sexy, and steamy home of every vampire, mind reader, or any other horror creation the series can pump out.  Expect to see some of the most extreme content that IDW publishers, as the cast of True Blood paint the pages with blood.

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  • Richard Boom

    Richard Boom May 21, 2012 at 4:32pm

    ok... Astonishing is something I like to tradebuy. Curious about this as well. Still have to get Monstrous though :)

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