This Week's Must Have Comics: May 2nd, 2012

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It's almost Wednesday, and you know that means a fresh load of comics and graphic novels! With so much stuff hitting your local comics store or digital storefront, BF is here to lead you through the woods with our handy overview of books you can't afford to miss on May 2nd.

Make sure to check the site tomorrow too, as we take an in-depth look at another big release this week in our weekly Guiding Lines column: X-O Manowar #1.

Are You My Mother: A Comics Drama HC
Alison Bechdel (W and A), $22.00

The fan and critically acclaimed Fun Home author, Alison Bechdel, returns with her second original offering, Are You My Mother: A Comics Drama.  Focusing on her novel devouring, music loving, acting aspiring mother, AYMM delves into more of Bechdel’s familial drama, including an exploration of an unsupportive marriage, and a developing rift between mother and daughter.  Though grounded in solemn moments, Beschdel’s search for life’s answers promises to deliver poignant and hilarious moments.  For fans of Fun Home, Alison Bechdel’s second offering is clearly a must read.


Epic Kill #1
Raffaele Ienco (W), Image Comics, $2.99

Beyond Bechdel’s new hardcover release, this week is a gigantic week for new #1’s, starting with Image Comics’ brand new series, Epic Kill.  A young teenage assassin, Song, is out for revenge on the brand new US President, the very man responsible for the tragic death of her parents.  Hoping to preserve his undeserving life, this monstrous President dispatches every hitman and mercenary in his arsenal to take down the vengeful teen, who quickly find themselves outmatched as their innards spill across the floor.  With promises of “epic” death scenes dealt from Song’s hands, Epic Kill’s fresh protagonist definitely deserves a look.


Exiled #1
Kieron Gillen (W), Carmine Di Giandomenico (A), Marvel Comics, $2.99

Kieron Gillen’s new mini-series Exiled begins this week and claims to mix the greatest part of New Mutants with Journey Into Mystery.  Kieron Gillen’s work with the Norse god of Mischief, Loki, has been well respected throughout his tenure on Journey Into Mystery, a talent that will surely make its way into Exiled.  Little has been revealed about Gillen’s new title, but a heavy focus on the young Loki, as well as a promise of a powerful hero’s return, has created enough intrigue to make a look at Exiled #1 well worth the $2.99 price tag.  


Fury Max #1
Garth Ennis (W), Goran Parlov (A), Marvel Comics, $3.99

What happens when Marvel Comics pairs one of their greatest and most complex characters with a boundary pushing, no-holds-bar writer?  A brand new MAX title that follows Nick Fury’s secret agent operations told through the words of Preacher creator, Garth Ennis, is truly fantastic match.  Ennis and artist Goran Parlov’s previous Punisher MAX run proved that the pair is capable of creating dynamic and layered stories, and when those talents are combined with Nick Fury, Fury Max will surely surpass  Punisher’s greatness.


Garfield #1
Mark Evanier (W), Gary Barker (A), BOOM! Studios, $3.99

With the astonishing amount of adult focused new “#1’s,” who could possibly deny the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with the world’s favorite lasagna-scarfing feline?  Garfield, Odie, and the rest of their animal pals break their way onto the all-ages pages of Garfield #1, where the hefty cat is sure to be caught causing all sorts of mischief.  All-ages stories not only offer a breather from “mature” titles, but often times tell the most fun and entertaining stories, which Garfield is sure to embody.


Mind the Gap #1
Jim McCann (W), Rodin Esquejo (A), Sonia Oback (A), Image Comics, $2.99

Mind the Gap is yet another brand-new Image title this week, one that continues to demonstrate Image’s non-stop freight train work ethic.  Mind the Gap will attempt to take the best of the who-done-it crime genre and transport it into a thrilling world where memories and mysteries are locked within the mind.  The combined art team of  Sonia Oback (S.H.I.E.L.D) and Rodin Esquejo (Morning Glories), moreover, almost guarantees that this psychological thriller will be one of the most beautiful books on the stands come Wednesday.


The Spider #1
David Liss (W), Colton Worley (A), Dynamite Entertainment, $3.99

Joining the ranks of Dynamite Entertainment’s The Shadow is fellow pulp hero, The Spider, whose 21st century also revival hits store shelves this week.  Decorated war hero Richard Wentworth dons his spider-web cowl and fedora, loads his pistols, and sharpens his wits all in an effort to take down crime across his city.  What could one man’s war on crime be without a diabolical villain, however, as The Spider’s new nemesis threatens his city with unimaginable horror.  Only this first issue will tell if The Spider’s revival will be as faithful as his comrade in crime-fighting, The Shadow, but if his return is similar, pulp crime will continue to thrive at Dynamite.

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