Tom Sniegoski Strikes at the Heart of Vampirella

Lowdown - Interview

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Fan favorite Vampirella writer Tom Sniegoski has been away from comics for some time now.  He is one of the most successful writers coming back to Vampirella, having previously written multiple Vampirella series including the long running Vengeance of Vampirella #1- #25. He started out writing Vampirella and other books for Harris (the previous Vampirella publisher) before moving on to write Angel at Dark Horse with his writing partner, Christopher Golden. After this he joined the `real´ writers in the world of prose.  After earning a righteous position on the NY Times best seller list for his “Fallen” series, and ABC adapting it for TV, it is clear he has a lot of fans.

BROKEN FRONTIER: It has been some years since last you wrote Vampirella. What have you been up to all this time?

TOM SNIEGOSKI: Still doing the comic book thing here and there, but primarily I’ve been writing books. Since writing my last Vampirella comic I’ve written over thirty novels including The New York Times bestselling Fallen series for Simon & Schuster, and the Remy Chandler series for Penguin, Roc. I'm also writing the original Bone novels, with Jeff Smith, over at Scholastic Books. 

BF: As said, it has been some time since your last Vampirella. How has the character changed throughout the years for you?

SNIEGOSKI: Y'know, to me Vampirella is like a nice, warm sweater . . . She's very familiar, and comfortable for me as a writer.  At first I was a little scared that I wouldn't remember how to write her, but as soon as I started, I just slipped into the groove.  She's like a great, old friend that you haven't talked to in years, but then you get on the phone with, and it's like you just spoke yesterday.  Does that make sense?


BF: So now we have Vampirella in a new era. How will you be handling her in this new series?

SNIEGOSKI:  I think that the reason Nick Barrucci, at Dynamite, asked me to write the character again is for me to try to bring back some of the style, and characterization that made my original run on the series for Harris Comics so special.  She's the same Vampirella that everybody loves, but injected into an environment that we've never really seen her in before. 

BF: Since this series bears the same name as during the Harris era, does that mean you have more similarities working for you?

SNIEGOSKI:  I think the similarities are more in the style in which she's being written. This is the Vampirella who's a real badass, but at the same time, is maybe a little bit afraid of what she truly is, and what's she capable of if she loses control—a Vampirella that is still attempting to understand, and come to grips with her true nature.

BF: How long have you planned this series for?

SNIEGOSKI: This particular story runs for six issues, but I could see it very easily spinning off into multiple story arcs in the future.

BF: Can you tell me some more about the artistic team you will be working with?

SNIEGOSKI:  Let's just say (Johnny Desjardins) Johnny D's art is something special to behold.  When Nick Barrucci first started sending pages over to me, I was blown away.  He's everything that you're looking for in a Vampirella artist, and then some.  People are really going to like what he's doing.


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