True Magic, Truer Words

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As perhaps the dominant webcomic genre, fantasy can sometimes seem far too overbearing. In addition to somewhat occasional forays past the homogeneous texture of the fantasy landscape, reading too much fantasy can leave one tuckered out from over-the-top drama, high stakes epics and a flood of elven catgirls.

That’s why every webcomic fan needs a good dose of humor every now and then, and that is precisely what the satirical True Magic is good for. Take the current webcomic – where a light god overstays his welcome – and gives a little too generously to his subject. The light god Lucideus is drawn back into the cosmos when something goes wrong and Heaven, only to find circumstances less than ideal when he returns. When he asks his head priest if he has been lighting things on fire – pets and people included – his head priest enthusiastically replies “On fire for God!” – to which Lucideus dryly replies “I think we need to have a talk about this.”

The plot – and satire – only thickens from there when Lucideus’s followers retreat deep within a cave (outside of the light god’s sight) to discuss his directives on benefitting the rest of humanity. There, the head priest decides Lucideus can’t possibly know what he’s asking, and therefore begin to use their god-given abilities to their own ends instead of those dictated by Lucideus. The current strip takes place an hour before dawn, with what could be the beginning of a rebellion of Lucideus by his own acolytes.

The social commentary is not lost in this quirky story. The priests of Lucideus take Lucideus’ good intentions to ideological extremes and (comically) high levels of intolerance. What appears to probably be the last temptation of Lucideus’ followers – to claim that their god clearly doesn’t know humanity like they do seems to set the way for an interesting show-down. I can’t help but notice Lucideus is constantly referring to as the “Light Bringer” – which just happens to be the direct Latin translation for “Lucifer.” But in True Magic’s comically quirky world, it seems this particular Light Bringer is being set-up for a rebellion against him instead of the leading agent of a rebellion.

If you like humor, wit and satire wrapped into your fantasy, be sure to check out “True Magic, the Comic!” Consistently hilarious and engaging, webcomics like this are sure to brighten your day – just make sure you go easy on the fireballs.


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