TV Shows That Marvel Entertainment Needs to Make Happen

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As you've probably heard by now, Marvel Entertainment recently named popular comic book scribe Jeph Loeb Executive Vice President, Head of Television, in an initiative to get more Marvel properties to the small screen, both live action and animated. The television division is new to Marvel Entertainment, so we can only assume that they are for serious about getting their characters out there.

As always happens when news like this breaks, my mind gears get-a-spinnin' and I fantasize about all the amazing possibilities that will never come to fruition. But hey, I have a platform, so guess what? I get to share my fantasies with you, however unrealistic they may be. Of course, every one of these shows is required to be on ABC or its affiliated networks. Because you know, there's the Disney deal and all that.


(Crime/Police Procedural)

Forget CSI, NCIS, ABCDEF, and every other Law & Order clone that has existed over the last twenty years, a Daredevil television show would trump them all. It'd have to be relatively dark for network television, and have a film noir slant to it while keeping the procedural junkies happy.

Superheroics would play a part, but it should definitely have a larger focus on Matt Murdock's personal life, law practice, and public outing as Daredevil. Instead of taking the traditional "done-in-one" approach to crime/procedural shows, a Daredevil show should take on the trendy serialized format.

Heroes for Hire

(Action/Adventure Comedy)

Though they could be played seriously, an hour long television show starring Luke Cage and Iron Fist could work extremely well as a weird little mix of Starsky & Hutch, Psych and Bosom Buddies. Sure, it's a slight departure for the characters but I think that it has potential to draw in a broader audience that could allow it to last a few seasons as opposed to a few episodes.

Ever since people hated on Lois & Clark (my favorite Superman television show ever), networks and comics publishers have been less keen to take a departure from what's expected.

Nick Fury

(Espionage Thriller)

There's been a made-for-TV Nick Fury movie, but let's forget it. As much as I love the Hoff, a thriller-style TV show staring Nick Fury as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. could be a hell of a hit. Start the series at the beginning of Fury's career with S.H.I.E.L.D. and move forward as he moves up the ranks and more and more Marvel characters become involved.

Potentially, Marvel could build a whole new universe for television with a Nick Fury show being the hub of it all. That's a lofty goal of course, but this list is meant to revel in the impossible.

X-Men: First Class

(Teen Drama)

When Smallville was revealed to be a teen drama on the same network as Dawson's Creek, I balked. Superman? Teen angst? Eh. It turned out alright (for a while), but never has there ever been a more fitting brand to shoehorn into the CW-brand of teenage dramatics. Eff the movie version, X-Men: First Class was born to be an hour long weekly drama on ABC Family or Teen Disney (is that even real? It has to be).

Love triangles between Angel, Cyclops and Marvel Girl! Beast struggling to find love due to his animalistic tendencies! Professor X trying to connect with rebellious teens! Tell it from Jean Grey's point of view, and you'd have a mix of Felicity, Boston Public and My So-Called Life.

Fantastic Four

(Family Sitcom)

The time of the family sitcom seems to have passed. Remember TGIF (there's ABC again...)? Step by Step, Family Matters... these were traditional style sitcoms that the whole family could enjoy without worrying too much about sexual content. That is, unless it was one of those "specials" where someone gets raped or addicted to drugs and you have to suffer through the entire cast at the end of the show telling you how important it is to not do those things.

But who better to bring back the family sitcom than Marvel's first family, the Fantastic Four? While you might love to see crazy intergalactic adventures, I move for a show that focuses on the little things in the Richards' household (building). Valeria used her advanced smarts to convert Franklin's new favorite action figure into a fully functioning mini-cyborg, while Human Torch and Thing struggle to find a way to pick up chicks at the beach without having to go in the water.

See? It's easy and harmless. Doctor Doom can show up once in a while (season premieres/finales) but I think the Four could do just fine dealing with humorous marriage issues and "aw-shucks" sibling rivalries.

Whatever, I'd watch it.

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