Unearthing Abin and Amon Sur

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As the Blackest Night spreads across the DC Universe, Broken Frontier unearths the histories of several of the key players in the event.
Spoiler warning:  Read no further if you’ve not had a chance to dig into your most recent Blackest Night titles…

A former professor of history, Abin Sur became a legend in his own right as the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814.  On a mission to rescue a crashed spacecraft from his homeworld of Ungara, Sur arrived on the planet Ysmault, the forbidden capital of the Empire of Tears.   On that fateful day, Sur encountered the demon Qull of the Five Inversions, imprisoned enemies of the Green Lantern Corps founders, the Guardians of the Universe.  Accepting the demon’s aid, Sur was given the answers to three questions; the location of the spacecraft’s survivor, his own destiny and the final fate of the Green Lantern Corps.  Although Sur was able to locate the lone survivor, the other answers proved to have long-lasting ramifications (Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual #2, 1986). 

On his own fate, Sur learned he would die when his power ring failed at a critical moment – leading the Green Lantern to begin using a spacecraft for travel.  He was also greatly troubled by the prophesy of The Blackest Night, the fall of the Green Lantern Corps when their enemies would rise up against them, united.  Sur continued to serve the Corps faithfully, but this knowledge would haunt him, even as it was quickly suppressed from public consumption by the Guardians.

Another recurring theme in Abin Sur’s life was his involvement with the small world of Earth.  On one of his earliest visits (circa 1882), Sur partnered with a young Earth marshal named Henry Lee Jordan (yes, he is an ancestor of the person you’re thinking of) to apprehend the alien criminal responsible for murdering the previous Green Lantern of Sector 2814 (Legends of the DC Universe #20-21, September-October 1999).  In the early part of the 20th century, Sur made several return visits to Earth where he operated both on solo missions (Green Lantern #55, September 1967 & #149, February 1982), and with Earth heroes such as Bulletman, Starman (both in Power of SHAZAM! #36, March 1998) and Alan Scott (Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #8, 1994 - although none of them retain the memories of Abin Sur).

Abin Sur’s next visit to Earth proved to be his final one.  Although reports have varied over the years, it is generally accepted that Atrocitus of the Five Inversions was responsible for Abin Sur’s death.  Sur had returned to Ysmault, capturing Atrocitus in hopes of using the demon to help track the source of the black power behind the Blackest Night prophecy.  Atrocitus managed to escape his restraints, attacking Sur and causing heavy damage to the spacecraft.  The demon escaped from the craft, leaving the mortally wounded Sur to manage a controlled crash landing, just missing the Earth town of Coast City (Green Lantern #29-30, May-June 2008).  From the wreckage of his ship, Sur ordered his Green Lantern ring to seek out a worthy replacement.  The alien hero lived just long enough to meet his own successor, test pilot Hal Jordan (Showcase #22, September-October 1959).


Even in death, Abin Sur’s legend continued to grow.  During the war between the Green Lantern Corps and Nekron, Lord of the Undead, it was Sur’s soul that reached out to save Hal Jordan from Nekron’s grasp (Tales of the Green Lantern Corps #3, July 1981).  Abin Sur’s spirit also aided the elemental known as Swamp Thing in rescuing the monster’s daughter from Hell at the cost of his own soul (Swamp Thing #97-98, July-August 1990).  During the temporal upheaval of the Zero Hour crisis, Abin Sur of the past briefly appeared in the present, fighting one last heroic battle alongside the Darkstars, before returning to his proper place in history (Darkstars #24, September 1994).  Years later (The Spectre #1, March 2001), Abin Sur’s spirit reached out from Hell and re-connected with Hal Jordan – now also deceased, but the host for God’s wrath, the Spectre.  Abin Sur’s spirit served as a mentor and guide on Jordan’s quest for redemption, before finally finding peace through an Ungaran ritual of reincarnation (Sur’s soul was reborn on Ungara, as the daughter of old family friends in The Spectre #18, August 2002).

Unfortunately, it seems that Abin Sur’s body may not find the same peace, as recently (Blackest Night #2, August 2009) a Black Lantern ring arrived at his grave, bidding him to rise…

Unbenownst to Earth’s Green Lantern’s, Abin Sur had a son, Amon.  An angry young man, Amon blamed the Green Lantern Corps for taking his father from him.  Embracing a life of crime, Amon ran afoul of Green Arrow, Connor Hawke, Black Canary and Green Lantern Kyle Rayner when he was head of the Black Circle crime syndicate (Green Lantern #162-164 and Green Arrow 24-25, June-July 2003).  Rayner and Amon would clash again in the near future, as the young Green Lantern stopped a plan to destroy Oa, the homeworld of the Green Lanterns and the Guardians (Green Lantern #171-175, January-May, 2004).

Amon next returned to Earth following the resurrection of Green Lantern, Hal Jordan (Green Lantern #14, September 2006).  Embarking on a plan to discredit his father’s successor and claim the Green Lantern ring for himself, Amon’s destiny took a strange turn when a yellow power ring arrived, drafting him into the Sinestro Corps (Green Lantern #17, April 2007).  Following his “re-conditioning”, Amon joined the Sinestro Corps in spreading fear across the universe during their war against the Green Lantern Corps (The Sinestro Corps War volume 1 & 2, 2007-2008).

During the final battle of the war on Earth, Amon was shocked by the Guardians' decision to allow the Green Lanterns to use lethal force.  Terrified by the ramifications, Amon Sur quit the battle and fled into space (Green Lantern #25, January 2008).  Sur’s next stop was on the planet Varva, where he slaughtered the family and people of Green Lantern Ke’Haan, who was killed during the war.  Confronted by a contingent of Green Lanterns, Amon explained he committed the act to help spread the doctrine of the Sinestro Corps, and then smugly surrendered.  Among this group of Green Lanterns, was Laira, who shared a close, intimate bond with Ke’Haan.  Enraged, Laira lashed out at Amon Sur, killing him in rage (Green Lantern #26-27, February-March 2008).

With the fall of the Blackest Night, Amon Sur has taken up a third power ring, that of a Black Lantern.  Leading a contingent of Black Lanterns comprised of deceased Sinestro Corps members, Amon Sur journeyed to the planet Zamaron to confront Sinestro himself (Green Lantern #45, October 2009). 

As the Blackest Night continues, will the good father and bad son finally come together in a  common cause? 


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