Unexplored Warlands on the Horizon

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Not too long ago, Dreamwave and DBPro announced that they will be teaming up to revive one of Dreamwave's first franchises in Warlands. With a new creative team in Ernst Dabel and Edu Francisco at the helm, bold new things can be expected of this series, which is slated to arrive in comic shops in early 2005.
Broken Frontier chatted with Dreamwave's Pat Lee and DBPro's Ernst Dabel for more on this exciting revival of Warlands. Oh, and we've got some exclusive character designs to show you to boot! Also, check out
www.dreamwaveprod.com for more!

BROKEN FRONTIER: Besides Warlands being one of Dreamwave’s very first projects, what makes Warlands so appealing that you guys have put so much effort into getting the new book out there?
Warlands is one of Dreamwave's flagship creator-owned titles in which we have been very successful in the past. In the past year and a half, I have been asked, "Where is WARLANDS??" by retailers and fans and Dreamwave has been waiting for the right time to launch the series. Right now, is the right time. With myself leading charge creatively and with Dabel Brothers and their team rolling out the punches for content, I think we have a great series coming around the corner.

ERNST DABEL: Well, we’ve always been big fans of fantasy.  When I was younger, my brother Les bought me J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit for Christmas. Back then, I didn’t like to read, but not wanting to hurt his feelings, I began to read it and before long, I was swept up in a fantasy story that kept me wanting more.  Warlands reminds me a lot of Tolkien’s work and I love many of the characters. Warlands #1 sparked something in Les that helped ignite his desire to create Dabel Brothers Production.  When I got a chance to write this new series, I jumped at the chance and my heart’s been pounding with excitement ever since.   

BF: From Dreamwave’s perspective, what makes Ernst Dabel and Edu Francisco the perfect fit to re-launch Warlands? What do you creators have to say for those yourselves?
Dabel Brothers have a clear vision of the world of Warlands. They are extremely passionate about Warlands and fantasy realms in general. When they showed me the artist they were using for a potential Warlands series, I got really excited about it. I'm pretty excited about the project. I love the world of Warlands and the series is very close to my heart.

ED: For myself, I really enjoy working with Edu Francisco.  He has the passion, the enthusiasm, and he is the best artist to tackle the new series of Warlands.  Edu will amaze the fans as well as those unfamiliar with the property.  I am blown away by the artwork that he has already done and this is only the beginning.  I also want to take the time to give special thanks to Romulo Soares owner of Lynx Studios.  I asked my friend Edu his thoughts about this question and this is what he said: “Ernst and I have two important factors that allow us to work together very well, unity and secondly the freedom to be creative.  Both of us have only one objective and that is to satisfy the fans of Warlands as well as Pat Lee.  Warlands is back and the readers deserve the best, which we will give them.”        

BF: According to the information that was already released, the newest incarnation of Warlands won’t stray too far from the original. To what extent is that really the case?
That is correct, according to the information already released, the newest incarnation of Warlands won’t stray far from the original.  It is pretty much true throughout the entire series. There isn’t much more I can add to that at this point.

BF: Will we see the introduction of new characters that will turn out to play an important role in the Warlands mythos?
Definitely, I have some new and what I hope will prove to be interesting characters that will play an important role in the Warlands mythos.

BF: In related, what is the role of some of the returning characters like Aalok, Shrogran and Vardemis?
All Warlands fans know a little of Prince Aalok’s past, what and who he was, and how he ended up in the hands of Lord Malagen, so I’m sure that they know a little bit of what to expect with him.  We will be seeing a different side of Shrogran than what has been revealed in previous series.  As for Vardemis, fans will be allowed to immerse themselves in his origin and gain insight into his motivations.

BF: Will the series be ongoing or have Dreamwave and DBPro opted for a mini-series while leaving the door open for other ones to be added at a later time instead?
After this series of Warlands, we’ll see how it goes from there.  My Brothers and I would love to do another series after this one, but it’s really up to the fans whether or not another Dreamwave/DBPro Warlands series will be made.

PL: Warlands is an extremely epic tale with loads of really cool creatures and fantasy elements to it. Warlands fans will be able to find out how the vampires’ army developed and how characters that you’ve seen from the first volume became a part of the war. For new readers, you don't need to read past Warlands books in order to find out what happened, but it would definitely help you understand certain characters a lot more. Warlands is for all fantasy readers. We will be selling a Warlands mini sketchbook at the Toronto comic book show, so check it out of you are in town this Friday!

BF: We all know it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see the Decepticons fight Dunk the Lunk, yet, is it the intention of both companies to team up on other projects down the road if this operation works out as smoothly as planned?
Having the Dabel brothers as a part of the Dreamwave family is great. I'm looking forward to working with them more in the near future.

ED: That’s a topic for another time; besides, I can’t spill all of our secrets in one interview. What would we talk about next time? [Laughs]

BF: Let’s bow out with what’s most important: when will Warlands fans finally be able to check out the first issue and why should people unfamiliar with the property do the same?
The first issue of Warlands will come out January 2005, and we hope that existing fans, as well as those who are unfamiliar with Warlands, will find a story worth its weight in Elven gold.

For more information on Warlands, visit The Official Dreamwave Site

- Frederik Hautain

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