Zombies vs Cheerleaders Relaunches

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Zombies vs Cheerleaders, based on the successful sketch card series from 5FINITY Productions, has been published since 2010. It has consistently been one of the top selling small press indie comics of the last two plus years.

Seven issues of the series and four one-shots were published under Moonstone, as well as the Volume One TPB.

ZvC has seen crossover stories with Tim Seeley's Hack/Slash, Batton Lash's Supernatural Law, Mark Rahner's Rotten, and Rich Koslowski's The 3 Geeks. Superstar artists such as Dean Yeagle, Mike DeBalfo and Pasquale Qualano have done covers for ZvC, which is well known for its outstanding exteriors, in addition to the eclectic, entertaining stories and characters. Now, ZvC will continue its fun and thrills under award winning creator Rich Koslowski's 3 Finger Prints.

BROKEN FRONTIER: ZvC is your creation. How did you come up with it?

STEVEN L. FRANK: Running 5FINITY, one of the premiere sketch card companies, we work with a bunch of licensors, such as Brian Pulido (Lady Death), Dean Yeagle (Mandy), Larry Welz (Cherry), and Zenescope. We started a division of 5FINITY called 5FUNity, which allows us to create our own fun sketch card series. ZvC was our first; the combination of hot, sexy cheerleaders and zombies was just an epiphany I had. Based on the huge success of the trading cards, we started getting licensing opportunities and the comic was one of them. Moonstone was great in allowing us at 5FINITY to produce the comic ourselves.

BROKEN FRONTIER: How has the response been so far?

FRANK: It has been one of the top selling small press titles since its release in the summer of 2010, and we get great creators wanting to work with us.

Our covers, we have multiple variants each issue, bring a new level of collectability and interest to the series, too. Overall, the response has been fantastic.

BROKEN FRONTIER: So now the change from Moonstone to 3 Finger Prints. How did that happen?

FRANK: I've known Rich for a long time. As a huge Archie fan (Rich is the pre-eminent inker at Archie), I knew who he was. Then I started reading his creator owned stuff like The 3 Geeks, The King and Three Fingers. He is hugely talented, and quite a nice guy. Due to logistical reasons we needed a new publisher and although we had interest from Top Ten publishers, I felt that working with Rich was more intimate and creatively rewarding. He brings a lot to the table as a publisher and as a creator.

BROKEN FRONTIER:  Tell me something about 3FP.

RICH KOSLOWSKI: 3 FINGER PRINTS is the publishing company I started back in 1997 with the sole intention of releasing one comic; How to Pick Up Girls if You're a Comic Book Geek! It was an idea I came up with while working at a comic book store in Milwaukee, WI...I noticed some of our customers were a bit challenged in the "social skills" department and, so, created this "How To manual"...it was a 40 page, full color one shot and I had no idea how well it would sell. It was a HUGE success for a first time publisher! I think my first three months I had orders and re-orders that exceeded 3,000 copies. So, buoyed by its success I decided to try an ongoing series with the three main characters from the one-shot and call it, The 3 Geeks. The response was equally amazing and I have since published over 30 comics and trade paperbacks of the series. The comic series was nominated for three Eisner awards in 1999. I expanded The 3 Geeks to Geeksville in 1999 and then published with Image Comics for a year.

And The 3 Geeks have had cameos in other books like Jughead, Thunderbolts and, of course, ZvC.

Anyone notice a lot of "threes" in that paragraph above??? It's an ongoing theme with me, the number 3.

BROKEN FRONTIER: How do you feel about ZvC coming to you?

KOSLOWSKI: I feel great! I was the one who actually suggested it to Steve at the 2012 Comic-Con when I overheard him talking to Batton Lash about needing a new publisher. I love the book, it's just a lot of fun, so I figured "why not?" I was glad Steve was so receptive.

BROKEN FRONTIER: What is your part in ZvC aside from being the publisher?

KOSLOWSKI: I plan on contributing stories whenever I can. Both writing an illustrating. In issue #1 I did an 8 page story called "The Big Game: A Death Valley High installment" and the cast of characters, and structure of the story and setting, will allow me to re-visit them on occasion. I have a pretty unique vision for this storyline so I'm pretty excited about it.

BROKEN FRONTIER: What are your future plans for ZvC?

FRANK: We plan on doing the comic bi-monthly, with one-shots and trades thrown in the mix. You will see more great crossover events! The ZvC mythology allows for creative autonomy and multiple story ideas.

KOSLOWSKI: Agreed. I've also been able to reach out to some creators I know so we'll be bringing some new talent aboard for contributions as well. My friend JD Arnold (we did the graphic novel, BB Wolf and the Three LPS together) has written a terrific story and another Top Shelf alumni, Ray Friesen, has a hilarious story due out. We're also doing an exclusive "Signature Series" signed and numbered deal with CGC. There will be only 20 copies of each "Signature Series" issue available!

BROKEN FRONTIER: What will the story in the first issue of the relaunch be about?

FRANK: We have four great stories with a few of our mainstay collaborators like Gerrad McConnell and Heather Finley, as well as a back up story by Rich himself. I have a story in the first issue that is the epitome of ZvC's ethos, which I have always stated is morbid, funny or morbidly funny. My responsibility to the reader is to shock them, but also to make them laugh here and there.

KOSLOWSKI: My first story is of a more serious tone. It introduces this cast of characters and how they got into this type of post-apocalyptic zombie ridden world. The Cheerleaders are this almost mythical group! Stray civilians are seeking them out, as they've heard grand tales of how they've created this "safe" place and a way to deal with the zombie hordes. It's pretty cool if I do say so myself...There will be a great cast of characters and agendas and drama...and maybe even a little romance??? And it wouldn't be a story by me with at least a pinch of humor. So there'll be that too.

Solicitation info:

Zombies vs Cheerleaders #1

(W) Steven L Frank, Rich Koslowski (A) Everaert, Hebb, Mokhtar, Koslowski

40pgs, color, $3.99

Don't miss the exciting re-launch of Zombies vs Cheerleaders! Always thrilling, pretty freaking funny and never disappointing, check out what all the commotion is about! Macabre humor featuring, it can never be overstated, two things everyone loves: zombies and cheerleaders! Featuring a hot wrap-around cover by superstar artist Mike DeBalfo!
DeBalfo (50%), Tyndall (25%), Carreon (25%)

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