Privacy Policy

This privacy statement provides visitors with all information about the way user information is obtained and disseminated at Any information collected is used for internal administration purposes only.

If you have any questions regarding the following privacy policy, please contact us at

Collecting IP Addresses collects visitor IP addresses for internal administration purposes only, to know which sections of this website are being visited and for which period of time. As part of this process, only the user’s IP address is obtained, not his/her email address or any personal information. The user’s identity will remain anonymous.

Cookies & Registration collects cookies when a visitor registers on our message boards or clicks on an advertisement. No personal information is stored, no passwords are collected, except for the password the visitor has to enter upon MB registration. This information is needed to give you a unique, anonymous ID in our forum’s database and allows you to log on automatically when visiting our forums. Also, when registering, no information is collected other than the information provided by the user.
If you do not wish to receive any cookies, simply turn them off in your browser.

Secondary Sources

On, visitors will often find links to secondary sites. A link is only placed when it is deemed relevant to improve this site’s content, though is not to be held responsible for any of the content of the other sites or their dealing with privacy issues.

User Information

At any time, a user can request his/her information to be deleted from our database by sending an email to

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