ACE: Prequel


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ACE: Prequel


  • Words: Gertjan Van Oosten
  • Art: Ranjit Dommisse
  • Publisher: Drop Comics
  • Release Date: Mar 24, 2010

Drop Comics, an independent publisher based out of the Netherlands, gives us a prequel to a new seven issue series, ACE.

In this preview, we’re introduced to a few members of the team, testing out a new vehicle and stumbling onto a real action scenario. We meet Anna, Estelle, and Marc. Marc is more concerned with showing off his new car and all its specs, Estelle just wants to make it purr, while Anna constantly has her head in the game, noticing and alerting them to an oncoming threat. What ensues is a ten-page chase, fight, and wrap up, the only goal of which is to tease the reader into what’s assumed to be the series’ tone and a few of its characters.

This issue zero has very few goals beyond a tease, so by definition, it doesn’t really disappoint. Writer Van Oosten gets straight to the point with his principals and uses swift and broad generalizations correctly when defining his characters. There is little time to spend on character building so he wisely lets their actions speak.

The art chores by Ranjit Dommisse are reminiscent of very kinetic artists. He has a style that teeters between J. Scott Campbell (which he notes as an inspiration in the back up material) and Ryan Ottley, with a slight manga influence. His panel layouts are also dynamic, but not too off the format to become muddled.

Speaking of Ottley, the tone of this book does remind me slightly of Invincible in its earlier issues.  I’m not comparing the two in quality, but in the very fun, slightly comical and worry free way they approach their respected genres. What Invincible is to superheroes, ACE is not unlike to the superspy genre.

All in all, if the purpose of this twelve-page story was fun, then it succeeds. As a small stand alone, it’s economic with time and space while still able to entice a reader for more. The only downside to American readers might be the lack of any slang or many contractions, making the dialogue read a little jilted. But, being written for an international market, any gripe about that should be looked over for the most part. Step outside the language barrier and just enjoy the art and enigmatic leads.

My first foray into Drop Comics was met with success and a desire to read more. With a little more polish and a complete story, it’s not hard to see this going somewhere.


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  • Richard Boom

    Richard Boom Mar 26, 2010 at 11:24am

    This review was just spoken of on the Dutch radio.
    "our first review of ACE has been received very well via the website BF"

    Also it was announced that Romano Molenaar (http://www.romanomolenaar.com) will be creating a cover for ACE #1 !!!!

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