Activity #1


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Activity #1


  • Words: Nathan Edmondson
  • Art: Mitch Gerads
  • Colors: Kyle Latino
  • Story Title: Fiddler on the Roof
  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Price: $3.50
  • Release Date: Dec 21, 2011

Omaha Team takes their first covert step in a brand new series.

Activity #1 from writer Nathan Edmondson chronicles the ultra-covert team code-named Omaha, one third of the secret Intelligence Support Activity, as it swoops in to tactically clean up only the most important and dirtiest messes in the intelligence game.  Omaha is not limited to borders, nations, or laws, as readers follow the expert team across Mexico, the U.S., finally culminating in a black-ops mission on the rooftops of Rome.

At first Activity #1 may appear as a rather by-the-numbers introduction to a new team, its purpose, and motives.  Luckily, however, Edmondson keeps the tone fresh with a break in the traditional tactics of a covert team.  Instead of relying on overly masculine “super-soldiers,” Edmondson’s team is composed of equal parts male and female members, each with their own skills and techniques, like weapons, ammunition, and evidence destruction.  It was a much welcome scene to not see overly-sexuallized women in black leather racing across the high-stakes settings.

Another break from the standard, moreover, is Omaha and ISA’s employment of non-lethal methods to accomplish their goals, effectively heightening the tension by removing the ability for the team to fight their way out of any unforeseen problem.  Little tweaks like darts laced with sedatives instead of bullets, and laser weapons in place of explosives gives the ISA a unique feel amongst other military teams in the genre.

Contributing to the the unique tone of Activity is artist Mitch Gerads and colorist Kyle Latino.  The pair work extremely well together, most notably seen is their use of lighting and gas effects throughout the entire book.  Oftentimes the lighting would greatly enhance and emphasize the surroundings in each scene.  Special effects aside, Gerads’ pencils display a great understanding of the medium, with each panel well-placed and well-purposed.  A double-page spread that captures the completion of Omaha team’s mission, for example, conveys an incredibly dense amount of information about the team and their tactics without appearing cramped or cluttered.

With little knowledge of Activity, Nathan Edmondson, Mitch Gerads, and Kyle Latino have gained a new reader in one quick issue.  The uniqueness of Omaha and the ISA, the well-thought-out characters, and the team’s mission and tactics all culminate into a book that deserves to be picked up for a first read.  

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