Alice In Wonderland #1


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Alice In Wonderland #1


  • Words: Raven Gregory
  • Art: Robert Gill
  • Colors: Jason Embury
  • Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: Jan 17, 2012

Alice goes beyond the looking glass, but "the looking glass" might as well be the name of a strip club.

Zenescope Entertainment, beyond the notoriety of Fly for tackling the concept of drug addiction and abuse, has largely been known for being the home of many sexually-charged reinventions, namely that of the Grimm Fairy Tales. Alice of the classic Alice In Wonderland story , gets her moment in the spotlight with this new miniseries, but it all feels wrong.

While the battle will always wage over the sexualization of women in comic books, given that this book has a demographic of "mature male audiences," it can't be said they're not pandering. Still, the art is strong for what it is. Cheesecake is cheesecake, and throw in some horrifically monstrous versions of Wonderland creatures, and you've got a book that's a visual treat.

The largest issue with the book is that it feels slightly creepy; more than half of it focuses on Alice as a child, and while she grows up to an adult throughout the course of the book, the fact that we see her grow up from a small and innocent child to, well, an innocent adult that's dressed up in a "Sexy Alice In Wonderland" costume that you'd be guaranteed to see one sorority girl dressed up as for Halloween, it just feels tainted.

Alice in Wonderland might be an attractive stripper, but once you've learned her dark backstory, you instantly lose any desire to see her in that light.

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