Army of Darkness #8


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Army of Darkness #8


  • Words: James Kuhoric
  • Art: Kevin Sharpe
  • Inks: Kevin Sharpe
  • Colors: Blond
  • Story Title: Ash vs. Dracula: Part 1
  • Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: Jun 21, 2006

Good ol’ Ash continues his search for the Necronomicon, but is unaware of Dracula’s diabolical plans for world conquest.

What can I say about a guy like Ash Williams? The man has practically gone to hell and back, and that’s not withstanding the bevy of horror heavies he’s clashed with since the start of this series. Well, this time he’s definitely up to his ears in trouble as he gets the chance to spout off his trademark quips against a fiend like Dracula.

We first get to see the wheels set in motion as Dracula begins his search for monstrous allies from all walks of life in the world of the supernatural. He corrals a werewolf from hiding, then goes on to enlist the aid of Frankenstein’s monster before making a final stop in Egypt to gain the allegiance of the mummy. This vampire is deadly serious about conquering the world, but unknown to him is the presence of another individual who will no doubt have something to say about this. Of course we’re talking about Ash, and he’s more concerned about getting his car fixed, while waiting impatiently along with Sugarbaby at a nearby restaurant. Ash is just about ready to chomp down on a juicy burger, when he gets interrupted by a few of Dracula’s minions, and it sure looks he’s about to become pissed.

Now if that’s not a good enough set up for this issue, then I don’t know what could be better. We’re about eight issues in and writer James Kuhoric is really finding his stride telling Ash’s monthly adventures. I love his use of choice words that seem to get Ash’s motor running and it’s a real treat to read through from start to finish because of it. I can’t say that I am always keen on cinematic characters being adapted into comic book form, but Army of Darkness is one of the better ones. The characters are written smartly and the plot for this issue seems very reminiscent of the type of horror stories Marvel Comics produced back in the 70’s.

The artwork of Kevin Sharpe is equally entertaining. His panels brim with confidence and you can tell that he’s managed to pin down a comparable likeness to actor Bruce Campbell. He’s obviously enjoying himself on the book and his storytelling is fast paced, compelling and playful enough given the type of tongue-in-cheek adventures Ash is noted for getting into. The other thing that struck me as a neat comparison is that Kevin’s work reminds me a little of Mark Texeira. This may not be the closest comparison, but I think it just may be in the way he handles a heavier inking style, so that’s why Tex comes to mind whenever I see Kevin’s work.

Overall, this is a solid production from start to finish. Army of Darkness is one of the better horror film adaptations into comic books, and it’s probably because the wise cracking and quick witted character of Ash Williams works well in this type of format. Forget the other recent adaptations of Freddy and Jason and focus just on scooping up Ash’s monthly adventures. You’ll always bust a gut or two here.

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