Avengers Assemble #6


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Avengers Assemble #6


  • Words: Brian Michael Bendis
  • Art: Mark Bagley
  • Inks: Danny Miki
  • Colors: Paul Mounts
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Price: $3.99
  • Release Date: Aug 8, 2012

Writer Brian Michael Bendis continues his new reader (i.e. recent theatre-goer) friendly foray into the Avengers with a story that takes them beyond the stars.

Bendis, with superhuman penciler Mark Bagley, brings to us the most synergistic take on the Earth’s Mightiest to date. For those of you following this series, four issues in, we were treated to the reveal that the big bad Mad Titan Thanos was behind the previous issues’ evil doing. This came as very little surprise after the Avengers film destroyed every box office record (Is a spoiler warning necessary anymore?). At the end of the last issue, the Avengers A-team decides to take it to Thanos in space, assisted by the Guardians of the Galaxy (Star Lord a.k.a. Peter Quill, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Bug, Drax the Destroyer, and Gamora).

It’s important to disclose that in my younger days, I couldn't give a number two about what happened in Marvel or DC’s space faring books. That all ended back about five years ago when Dan Abbnet and Andy Lanning reintroduced the entire cosmic universe with humor, action, and genuine “human drama” in their Nova & Guardians of the Galaxy series (seriously, check them out). It was a rough blow when those books closed up shop and as nice as it is to see these characters get another chance, there was a high bar in my mind.

I can happily say that Bendis gets these characters. We knew he could write the Avengers, he’s been doing it for practically a decade now. The only x-factor was this new group that had previously been depicted so well. The scene amongst the Guardians talking about trusting the Avengers is a wonderful example of brevity providing maximum results. This, coupled with a really fun Iron Man (I can’t believe no one’s thought of that before) moment made this book the most fun it’s been since it started. I am looking forward to more of this.

Now, the only downside to this entire endeavor, unfortunately, is Mr. Bagley’s pencils. They somehow seem rushed, and are not aided favorably by inker Miki and colorist Paul Mounts. This should be an artistic dream team, but there is something missing from the execution. Part of that disappointment is the designs, being outdated versions of the characters. It shouldn’t throw me off in the grand scheme of things, but unfortunately it does. Iron Man and Star Lord being the most gratuitously outdated (In the whole time I read Guardians, Peter Quill wasn’t blond. Was he before and I just didn’t know it?). As much as I like this book, it unnaturally turns me into the worst kind of fanboy, wondering why costumes are outdated and when Thanos and Star Lord escaped from the Cancerverse (and if they did, does that mean Rich Rider Nova is alive, too?).

Qualms in continuity aside, this is turning out to be a really fun read. If this ends up being a bridge book for Bendis to jump into the other-worldly Marvel Universe, then I am all for it. He captures the fun and derring-do of a team that are essentially space bound swashbucklers. GOTG are much different than just the Avengers in space, and I’m glad Bendis knows this. I look forward to where this takes us.

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