Bloodshot #1


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Bloodshot #1


  • Words: Duane Swierczynski
  • Art: Manuel Garcia with Arturo Lozzi
  • Colors: Ian Hannin
  • Publisher: Valiant Entertainment
  • Price: $3.99
  • Release Date: Jul 11, 2012

Bloodshot’s back in this fast-paced revamp of Valiant’s original super-soldier story.

Endowed with all the militaristic might and nanite augmentations that charged the original 1990s series with high-octane action, and updating it with today’s “War on Terror” setting, Bloodshot #1 triumphs in capturing a confluence of old school and new millennium. The opening pages set a dark tone for Ray, a former American black ops officer who is coerced into joining one final mission to rescue the man who saved him from the tortures of a POW camp. But the story quickly shifts as a terrible truth is revealed, and we discover that, as indestructible as he may be as Bloodshot, Ray may be just another casualty in a cerebral war being waged in the battlefield of his mind.

I’ll be honest, I was never much a fan of the original Bloodshot, but the first issue of the Swierczynski/Garcia/Lozzi overhaul has piqued my interest. Whether we’re eavesdropping on some soldiers conversing in a helicopter over Afghanistan or watching missiles blow Bloodshot into bits of broken bones and blood-splatters, Manuel Garcia and Arturo Lozzi’s art is nothing shy of terrific. The issue’s only snag lies in the pacing. I felt the story itself moved too quickly; we’re dropped like paratroopers into Bloodshot’s world in medias res instead of having this chessboard properly set up with all the pieces in place that would help us fully invest in Ray and his plight, the way Valiant has done in X-O Manowar and even Harbinger.

And as informative as the “Advanced Nanite Capability Overview” at the beginning of the issue is, it also seems to foreshadow in its section on “Possible Dangers” the likely trajectory that these first few issues of Bloodshot are on course for. I knew the ending of issue #1 before I got to the final page, and I would have preferred it to feel more like a sneak attack. Overall, Bloodshot #1 is worth a read and stands as another example of Valiant’s promise of great things to come this summer.

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