Chew #20


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Chew #20


  • Words: John Layman
  • Art: Rob Guillory
  • Story Title: Flambe 5
  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: Aug 23, 2011

The conclusion to Flambé is overflowing with science fiction and the occult.

Tony Chu and his partner in mischief, John Colby, investigate both the sci-fi and the occult, while their nemesis, Mason Savoy, discovers the true connection between the sky-writing and those with powers of mastication. 

The meat and potatoes of issue #20, however, takes place when Chu and Colby go undercover to attend a service of “The Church of the Divinity of the Immaculate Ova.”  If the prospect of an egg worshiping cult who preach “DOOM!” to those who share the table with the damnable chicken does not kick a funny bone or two, not much likely will.  The Church also heralds the return of a “reborn” character from a previous Chew arc, whose transformation by the ever-delicious gallsberry left her with more than a small vendetta against the world’s favorite fowl. 

Rob Guillory’s art perfectly complements the purposely over-the-top writing of John Layman.  Not only are the over-exaggerated character faces and reactions gut-busting, but the less obvious Easter eggs add to the hilarity, and require a little more attention to discover.  One such hidden gem is the replacement of the familiar Kool-Aid Man with pitchers of juice marked by a frowning face; if only the poor followers knew the impending doom on their horizon.

Guillory is not exclusively limited to comedy, however.   The several opening double-page spreads of Savoy tumbling outside the galaxy as he realizes his purpose in the universe are gorgeous and beyond psychedelic.  The cover to this issue, moreover, is not only spectacular, but a hilarious and creative twist on the traditional stained glass window.

Chew #20 is another great issue from the two Eisner winning creators, and also lays the groundwork for two major new directions in Chew.   Savoy’s maniacal plans which require an even more powerful psychic-consumer and the fall-out from Chu’s undercover occult mission gone horribly wrong will directly impact Chu’s world and the rest of the series.

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