Countdown #46


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Countdown #46


  • Words: Paul Dini with Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray
  • Art: Jesus Saiz
  • Inks: Jimmy Palmiotti
  • Colors: Pete Pantazis
  • Story Title: Weapon of War
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: Jun 13, 2007

Storylines start to cross as Countdown continues to . . . uh . . . count down to something. I don’t know for sure, but I think it might be a crisis of some sort.

Jimmy Olsen, Mary Marvel, Piper, Trickster, and those Monitor-labeled anomalies Jason Todd and Donna Troy live their ever more complicated lives within the pages of Countdown #46. In the past five issues we have had tastes of what is going on in the lives of these various characters and each issue their lives get more interesting. In issue #46 Jimmy meets with a certain exiled Apokoliptian outside of a building watched by a certain lady who used to wear the Catwoman costume. Meanwhile, the newly re-powered Mary Marvel fights a demon some might find offensive—seriously, it is hideous and not for the weak of heart—and the Monitors make their move on those pesky anomalies Jason Todd and Donna Troy. Yes, again, there is a lot happening here.

Even though I am an eighties throwback and absolutely hate Jason Todd and consider his resurrection the biggest mistake either of the Big Two have made over the past couple of years, I like what is going on with him here. He is scared. Paul Dini is responsible for this and for that I simultaneously hate and love him. Much like the four who wrote 52, Dini is intricately weaving several smaller stories about less popular characters (uh, didn’t the fans vote to kill off this Robin poseur) within the DCU to create a larger picture that will lead up to something huge. Dini keeps forcing me to ask questions, an admirable skill in a writer. Will there be an invasion from Apokolips? Will the DCU we know end? I wouldn’t mind seeing the serious return of Kamandi. Will Dini turn back the hands of time and kill off he who should have never been reborn? I’m talking about Jason Todd—God, I hate him.

But he looks nice here. And so does everything else. Jesus Saiz draws this issue with a firm hand and crystal clear lines of definition. His paneling is paced well with a few double-page-spreads and splash pages interspersed throughout to keep the story flowing from climax to climax. In other words, Saiz masters the sequential art keeping the flow of the story at the same beat the writer intended. Furthermore, he, along with the other artists who have picked up the torch on this weekly number, seems to understand the DC style of classic images mixed with modern settings. Thusly, he continues to keep the feel of the book close enough to every other issue that there is no frustration at the continued change in artist.

Countdown keeps going somewhere. By the looks of the ads and the events in every issue it is somewhere bad, at least for the characters. For the readers, this book is going somewhere good indeed.

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