DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy #2


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DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy #2


  • Words: Phil Jiminez
  • Art: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez
  • Inks: George Perez
  • Colors: Lee Loughridge
  • Story Title: Chapter 2: Stark Contrast
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: Jul 7, 2005

The epic event of the year continues, as members of the Teen Titans gather before the resurrected might of Troia.

Well, another issue is in the can and so far we have more questions than answers. There is plenty of exposition though, and I have a feeling much of what we know about Donna’s resurrection will change the face of the DCU. It’s only a matter of time before the truth is revealed, and in the meantime you can sit back and enjoy all the action. This issue had plenty of dramatic moments and there is more to come in the two remaining subsequent issues to follow.

The story opens with members of the Titans and Outsiders relentlessly tracking down a glowing sphere. The sentiment here is that the sphere is somehow related to Donna Troy, and Roy, Dick, Victor and Kory’s hopes are greatly raised. The two groups nearly stumble over each other while attempting to retrieve it until the sphere unexpectedly disperses and opens into a portal. Roy is the first to enter, and it doesn’t take much coaxing for the others to follow him. The group is then transported through space and taken to Minosyss where they are attacked by a group of camouflaged warriors. The battle is quickly halted once Troia’s brother Athyns enters the fray. He recognizes the Titans and explains to them the situation regarding Donna and what has become of her. The shock here to the Titans is that Donna is not the friend and teammate they once held dear to their hearts, and this is when the struggle begins.

I found this issue a bit more entertaining than the first one. Perhaps the problem with the first issue was that it was bogged down mostly in exposition, and I felt the story dragged because of it. I think the inclusion of the Titans helped make this more of an entertaining read, and writer Phil Jimenez had a good handle on the material. My only minor complaint was that there is a lot of prior history the reader must be aware of in order to fully grasp the story. Again, this isn’t a fault of Phil Jimenez though, and he certainly demonstrates a passion towards the material. I also found the artwork more pleasing this time around, and again it’s probably because the story gives way to more action and less exposition. Garcia-Lopez and George Perez work well as a tandem and it’s great to see them both working on a Titans related projected again. It reminds me of the days when they both penciled the classic Titans run of the 80’s, and it’s great to see them returning to fold all these years later. You won’t get any complaints from me.

Overall, I enjoyed the issue more than I did with the first one. Donna Troy has always been a key member of the Teen Titans, and it’s great to see her getting a major role in the DCU. I guess we’ll have to wait to see how big of a role she’ll play, and if this is issue is any indication; Donna Troy will have a significant one.

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