Fairest #1


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Fairest #1


  • Words: Bill Willingham
  • Art: Phil Jimenez
  • Inks: Andy Lanning
  • Colors: Andrew Dalhouse
  • Story Title: Prince of Thieves, Chapter One of Wide Awake
  • Publisher: Vertigo Comics
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: Mar 7, 2012

With the start of his brand new series, Bill Willingham catches readers up on a certain Sleeping Beauty.

Bill Willingham’s new series Fairest is sure to be a welcome addition to the increasingly giant Fables universe.  It is fair to say that the Fables universe has outgrown its titular book, with an ever increasing amount of plot-threads not forgotten, but clearly dangling waiting to be explored.  In Fairest, Willingham picks up one of longest waiting storylines, Briar Rose’s sacrificial self-induced slumber to help win the war against The Adversary.  In typical Willingham fashion, however, things can never be easy for any Fables character.

Before catching readers up on the happenings of everyone’s favorite Sleeping Beauty, Willingham starts Fairest off with an anything but a fair maiden.  In a destroyed ancient city, Ali Baba the Prince of Thieves happens upon what he truly hopes is a magic genie in a bottle, going as far as to humorously demand his three wishes before his saddening realization that his savior is an imp.  Beyond this quick chance to pen some funny banter between the two, Ali offers the perfect opportunity to catch readers up on Briar Rose’s recent dormant escapades.  In welcome Willingham fashion, Rose’s history is charmingly recounted, from war to slumber, and finally to theft at the hands of an army of horrendous little goblins.  Willingham’s method of briefly retelling Fables history is fun as always, and Ali’s predicament once he discovers Rose and a cold companion offers another light-hearted and amusing situation.  With Fables been heavily focused on the repercussions of Mr. Dark’s dastardly deeds, and the death and replacement of one of the series’ most regal characters (though completely exciting and necessary in its own right), it is nice to be treated to a new enchanting series with Fairest.

Though a new Fables offering certainly elicited massive excitement, one of the most enticing prospects of Fairest is its award winning artist, Phil Jimenez.  Jimenez’s character work is top notch, with Ali, his blue impish friend, and Briar Rose herself all looking fantastic, while their settings are finely detailed and styled.  Every situation, from run-for-your-life chases to moonlit sneaking, is beautifully drawn by Jimenez. 

Fairest #1 is sure to be a great companion to the much beloved Fables.  With so many plot-threads to continue, and a book that many of the fair ladies of the Fables world will call home, there is no limit to the possible storylines for Willingham to work with. With a fun and light story, great artwork from Phil Jimenez, and a fantastic cover by Adam Hughes, Fairest will surely please new readers and devout Fables fans alike.

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