FCBD 2010: Iron Man/Thor


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FCBD 2010: Iron Man/Thor


  • Words: Matt Fraction
  • Art: John Romita, Jr.
  • Inks: Klaus Janson
  • Colors: Dean White
  • Story Title: Fair Weather
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Price: Free
  • Release Date: May 1, 2010

Taking place between the raindrops of Marvel's current status quo upheaval, Matt Fraction sets up an adventure for both Iron Man and Thor that deals with each hero's special brand of skills. After a large group of wealthy individuals pervert one of Tony Stark's previous inventions and colonize the moon, the Earth's weather patterns wreak havoc on its inhabitants. This doesn't sit well with Thor, the god of thunder and lightning. They set aside the details of their strained relationship and take on this threat, together.

It's a wonderful little story that reestablishes each characters strengths, weaknesses, and their capacity for good. For a possible gateway book, it's practically spot-on. In one issue, we're introduced to a threat, our protagonists, and a healthy dose of teamwork and posturing. It all has a very classic feel, but with modern sensibilities.

Beautifully illustrated by superstar and legacy artist John Romita, Jr., this issue takes Marvel's apparent commitment to bringing in new readers to higher levels. When other companies offer prologues, sneak previews, and reprints for FCBD, Marvel has taken the opportunity to bring together their strongest creative teams for a brand new story. In the shadow of last year's Brian Bendis and Jimmy Cheung New Avengers issue, this book shines with a different, but equally radiant light. Both featured Thor, oddly enough.

Some of the subtlety in Romita's pencils is astounding. Only through a second read did I notice the changes he made to Tony's armor for space travel. I also really like the addition of gloves to Thor's attire. Bigger choices coupled with smaller ones, like the way Tony rolls his eyes when contacted by the Luna Corporation for technical support in exchange for a condo on the moon, make this a real fun read. Its high concept ideas grounded with relatable emotional responses that make this work. For instance, there's a moment between the two heroes in space with Tony realizing that Thor is speaking to him in a vacuum. Tony, a man of science and machine, is forced to reconcile the knowledge that his compatriot is capable of the scientifically impossible. This is a wonderful beat and the makings of a deeper examination of their friendship that I truly hope Fraction delves more into in the future (this summer Fraction will continue his work on Invincible Iron Man, but also take over the Thor ongoing).

This is a wonderful book that will hopefully be collected down the line, so more readers can discover it. Also, so we can selfishly see it larger. If there is one downside to this book it's that's it's slightly smaller than a normal comic. Its not a major deterrent, but one can't help but want to see an oversized version somewhere down the line. Perhaps attached to Romita, Jr's upcoming work on Avengers, which this could easily act as an extended preview or prologue.

With both the characters and creators involved about to embark on some fun and large projects, FCBD Iron Man/Thor is a welcome preview of all things Avenger to come. 


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  • Bart Croonenborghs

    Bart Croonenborghs May 6, 2010 at 2:48am

    I only get my comics once a month by mail but I hope this one is a freeby in my package!

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