Fell #4


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Fell #4


  • Words: Warren Ellis
  • Art: Ben Templesmith
  • Inks: Ben Templesmith
  • Colors: Ben Templesmith
  • Story Title: N/A
  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Price: $1.99
  • Release Date: Mar 8, 2006

Just another murder victim washes up at Snowtown’s docks. Detective Richard Fell is determined to solve this one, though, come high-water or...

People keep falling for Fell and with this issue it is not hard to see why. Ellis continues to tell tight, single-issue, stand-alone stories, but this issue even manages to give readers a little something more.

Detective Richard Fell is called down to the Snowtown docks to witness a body being pulled from the water. He quickly comes to realize that, around Snowtown, the docks are a favorite place to dump murder victims and the police are more than willing to aid and abet the criminals. Richard’s sensibilities are offended and he sets off on a Don Quixote-like crusade to solve at least this one crime. The murder, though, is not as important as what it reveals about Richard. He might just belong in the wild, weird world of Snowtown after all.

This series has been one of the most consistently wonderful books out on the stands today. Warren Ellis’s self-described ‘experiment’ in affordable comics has been a commercial and critical success and the best thing of all about this is that the fans come out on top. In this issue Ellis even does something that many would think impossible; he has provided a usual done-in-one story and yet also given long-time readers a progression in the character of Richard Fell. Anyone picking up this book for the first time will find a perfect, instantly accessible tale, but for fans who have picked up the previous three issues we get a deeper look at Richard and hints that he may not be all we have been led to believe. For both new readers and old, it is a win-win situation.

Ellis’s partner in crime, Ben Templesmith continues his amazing artwork. His unique style and use of color has become such a part of this book that it is hard to imagine Fell looking any other way. I also love the cover image on this issue and think it the best one Templesmith has done so far.

Word of mouth is spreading on this quirky and unique series and it deserves every word of compliment and praise. If you haven’t tried Fell yet, any place is a perfect jumping on point. Why not here? Walk across the bridge into Snowtown – you’ll find it hard to leave once you do.

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