FF #18


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FF #18


  • Words: Jonathan Hickman
  • Art: Nick Dragotta
  • Colors: Chris Sotomayor
  • Story Title: What Do You Call the Opposite of a Field Trip?
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: May 30, 2012

The Future Foundation finds itself under the teaching of a carefree substitute.

Ever since the emotional climax of Franklin and Valeria’s arrival in Fantastic Four, FF and its companion book have remained great, but without the urgent sense of an oncoming peril that defined the earlier issues.  That is not to say that I had lost faith in scribe Jonathan Hickman’s direction, however.  With FF #18, Hickman begins to lay the seeds of what may possibly be his final note on the series once he leaves his series-defining run in October.

FF #18 follows the youngsters that make up the Future Foundation as they travel to the Negative Zone with substitute teacher, Johnny Storm.  This quite fun and hilarious side story is not without major consequences, though, as Johnny’s lording over the Negative Zone all but comes to an end.  Watching the brilliant Valeria interact with her boneheaded uncle as the group ponders the consequences of free elections in the Negative Zone offered more than its fair share of laughs. 

Out in deep space, however, is where the future of FF and Fantastic Four truly begins.  Franklin’s budding control of space and matter is clearly expanding, as the child’s tutoring continues under his own adult hands.  The adult Franklin continues to guide his younger self, all the while preparing Black Bolt for a final and mysterious confrontation on Earth.  With several plot threads still dangling from Hickman’s run, it will be incredibly fun to see how his epic story plays out, especially considering Dr. Doom’s fated return.

FF #18 sees the mindbending Hickman begin to tie up his amazingly dense run on FF and Fantastic Four.  With only four issues left of each title until Hickman steps away, the epic conclusion will be quite difficult to wait for.

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