G?dland #24


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G?dland #24


  • Words: Joe Casey
  • Art: Tom Scioli
  • Inks: N/A
  • Colors: Nick Filardi
  • Story Title: Twelve-Finger Squeeze
  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: Jul 16, 2008

Earth is under attack, cosmic Neela Archer fights to save the day but what of Adam Archer? Can he remember the truth in time?

With twenty-four issues and a little over two years under his belt, writer Joe Casey seemingly sets the stage for some big revelations and changes in the year ahead. Is the mighty engine of the alien gods and purveyor of the strange and off kilter running out of steam though?

When last readers saw our intrepid heroes, Neela Archer had returned and transformed the Earth to fit her own vision and desires. She is the beloved hero of the planet while her brother Adam toils away as a desk jockey and tries to understand why he feels that all of this is wrong. Meanwhile, Neela finds that she may just be outgunned by the latest round of alien beings that seem to think the Earth needs to be cleared away like an abandoned building on a prime parking lot. When those that gave Adam his power take a hand in things, Adam Archer has the chance to put it all back but what will it cost him? And what will he learn in the process about himself and about Neela’s changed nature?

While Casey has been critically acclaimed (and rightfully so) for packing this title with wild ideas meshed with pop culture insanity, smart satire, and dialogue that cracks like a whip, the last couple of issues have seemed a bit tired. There is a hint of trotting out that old, tottering comic book cliché of "everything you know is wrong!" and the recent story arc wrapping up here has been another cliché of "someone changes the past creating a whole new world and it is up to the hero to remember the real history and put everything back." While Casey does manage to infuse the story with quite a bit of emotion as Adam and Neela come to understand things about themselves as well as one another, it otherwise does not really bring anything new to the table. In fact, it does not even quite feel in the same vein as what has gone before. There is a sense of energy and movement missing here.

For those who had grown tired of Tom Scioli’s Jack Kirby-style artwork, rejoice. Scioli has, in the past few issues, begun changing his style into something uniquely his own. There are still Kirby touches in the square-jawed hero and the energy crackles but overall the figures have become smoother and rounded, less bulky and more naturalistically human looking. Scioli has also introduced a lot more shadowing and subtle shading around. The style is still suitably elastic to handle the cosmic action (when there is such) well while giving the title a fresh, interesting new look – and all without having to change the creative team.

Casey is promising that the next year will be the final one for Gødland and he intends to pull out all stops. Hopefully that will be true because this ending to the second part of the series has been a bit whimpery instead of an explosive bang.

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