Glory #23


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Glory #23


  • Words: Joe Keatinge
  • Art: Ross Campbell
  • Story Title: Once and Future Part 1
  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: Feb 15, 2012

A slow start for the new volume of Glory.

Though the story of Glory #23 serves as a less than thrilling reintroduction to the character, writer Joe Keatinge’s study of a woman born of two opposing worlds who serves and protects humankind proves to be worthwhile and interesting. 

A creation of 1990s Rob Liefeld, Glory herself is a fierce and strong warrior woman who immigrated to Earth from a set of distant alien worlds.  Born as a peace-pact between the warring Amazonian and Demon worlds, Gloriana was raised and trained to become the greatest warrior her two cultures had ever known.  Once matured, Gloriana turned her back on her home in favor of a life amongst humanity, a life she found more rewarding and fulfilling.  Jump forward to Keatinge’s story, however, and readers will find that Gloriana vanished more than a decade ago with no evidence to explain her disappearance.  In the new modern timeline, Gloriana has little page time, and instead the title focuses on a superficial search for the lost hero by a new and moderately interesting reporter.

Surely burdened by the need to reintroduce readers to the world of Glory, Keatinge’s story does not have enough room to organically grow, feeling more like a by-the-numbers #1 issue instead of a fresh start.  The character of Glory, on the other hand, is unique and conflicted enough to deserve a second chance, as strong female leads of such caliber are few and far between.  As this new volume of Glory continues on, Keatinge’s story will definitely be freed from the constraints of this issue.

Glory #23 is a rocky start for Keatinge and co., though with time there is little doubt that the quality will improve.  Glory is hampered by the need to reintroduce readers to the universe, but once that necessary evil is completed, the study of the conflicted and super-powered heroine will definitely make for great stories.  In an overpopulated industry of muscle bound and masculine male heroes, Glory is a standout character and title that gives much due respect to the female hero.

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