Glory #24


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Glory #24


  • Words: Joe Keatinge
  • Art: Ross Campbell
  • Story Title: Once and Future Part Two: The Way It Is
  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: Mar 21, 2012

Glory #24 is a major step in the right direction.

As hoped, Joe Keatinge’s Glory #24 takes a huge jump forward in terms of excitement and substance. With Riley Barnes ready to offer her aid, the female hero awakes from her coma with a renewed purpose and histories to reveal.

Glory #24’s introduction is intensely disturbing, as Glory reveals the tragic story of familial betrayal and murder that interrupted her life and sent her careening towards war. This gruesome scene shocked Glory to the core, was the root of her disappearance from Earth, and changed her perception of her father forever. Keatinge’s character work added numerous layers of depth and conflict to Glory’s life, so many in fact that it will surely lead to countless stories that explore the hero on a personal level.

Beyond a mere history lesson, moreover, Keatinge begins to lay the groundwork for a great relationship between Glory and Riley. The dynamic between the two is quite good, as Riley’s awe-struck personality is met with Glory’s unwavering leadership. Riley’s direction as a character, likewise, is much more purposeful and clear than her introduction in Glory #23.

With issue #24 Glory greatly improved in terms of both plot and character development. Glory is quickly turning into an interesting character to explore, with her colorful past offering countless directions to head down. As this issue comes to a close, both Glory and writer, Joe Keatinge, are definitely heading down the right path.

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