Green Lantern #12


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Green Lantern #12


  • Words: Geoff Johns
  • Art: Ivan Reis
  • Inks: Oclair Albert
  • Colors: Moose Baumann
  • Story Title: Revenge of the Green Lanterns: Part Three
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: Jul 12, 2006

Hal Jordan comes face to face with the true mastermind behind the resurgence of the Manhunters.

We’re in the homestretch now with this thrilling 4 part arc involving the Manhunters, and I thought this issue did an admirable job of explaining some previous GL continuity and spinning it off into an exciting new direction. Of course, anytime the Manhunters are involved in a Green Lantern story there will always be a penchant for trouble and this issue was no exception.

The story opens with Hal and Guy Gardner being confronted by the mastermind behind the Manhunters’ return. It turns out to be the Cyborg Superman (revealed at the end of last issue) who then goes into a long winded tirade (gloating the whole time) before assaulting both Green Lanterns with his awesome display of power. Hal gets himself brainwashed and is intended to be reprogrammed and used as one of the Cyborg Superman’s surrogate cronies. Luckily though for Hal he ultimately breaks free and immediately fights back, and in the course of battle he manages to break free a group of trapped Green Lanterns all thought to be lost forever. This sets up some interesting fireworks as all the lost Lanterns believe Hal is still gone renegade, and they decide to attack him all at once.

Now I liked the way the events in this issue unfolded, and much of that is due to writer Johns’ extensive knowledge of previous DCU continuity. He successfully wove together some of Hal’s horrible past as Parallax and strung that into the Cyborg Superman’s past to give readers a protean blend of intriguing possibilities. I’ve always liked the way Johns employs continuity in his stories and it and worked on all levels here. It was nice to see some of the loose ends addressed, and I thought it was a real hoot when all the lost Lanterns decided to attack Hal. Those are the kinds of moments that continue to instill this idea that Hal Jordan is still on his path of redemption and it’s nice to see that hasn’t been forgotten yet. So I say kudos to you, Mr. Johns, for doing so.

I’ve also been enjoying the work of new series artist Ivan Reis. I have always liked Ivan’s work and he exhibits strong drawing skills coupled together with superior storytelling abilities. In fact he’s just one artist in a long string of solid talent who’ve all helped to make this book an enjoyable read for me on a monthly basis. With this issue though in particular, Ivan managed to capture several dynamic moments leaning heavily on the action and setting a frantic pace throughout the story. In fact this is the typical adventure in space for a character like Green Lantern, and I am sure there will be more to come down the road.

So I think it’s safe to say this story arc is surely strengthening Hal’s return to the DCU. It’s great to see the loose ends tied up and addressed the way they have been in this issue, and after one year of Hal’s rebirth he’s still fighting to redeem himself. That’s one aspect that I really like about this and we have writer Johns to thank for the continual insight into Green Lantern’s fragile psyche. Now the fun part begins when we get to see how Geoff builds upon this in year two. I know I will be there for it.

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