Green Lantern #54


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Green Lantern #54


  • Words: Geoff Johns
  • Art: Doug Mahnke
  • Inks: Christian Alamy, Keith Champagne, Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen
  • Colors: Gabriel Eltaeb, Randy Mayor
  • Story Title: The New Guardians, Chapter Two
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: May 27, 2010

As an avid and self-admitted cat hater (allergies), I have never wanted to own a pet cat more than I do now having read Green Lantern #54!  Geoff Johns' creation of Dex-Starr, Atrocitus, and the Red Lantern Corps finally receive some much needed attention since their emergence during the "Rage of the Red Lantern" saga and having to share the spectrum spotlight with the other corps during Blackest Night.  For those who doubt Johns' abilities to write multiple series while simultaneously assuming his new executive role at DC, have no fear.

Tied into Brightest Day perhaps more than any other series, Green Lantern #54 showcases Johns' assets as a writer that sometimes get sidelined during mega-event books or story arcs—story build-up and intensity, humor, action alongside drama, character development, and mystery.  Following up on the meeting with Ganthet and Guy Gardner, Atrocitus has taken it upon himself to locate the missing entities by unleashing his rage on those who prey and stalk innocents in New York.   Although it's doubtful that any Green Lantern fans are not also reading Brightest Day, Johns nevertheless provides some essential recaps from Brightest Day to bridge the current issue with #53. 

Readers see the joint efforts of Sinestro, Hal Jordan, and Carol Ferris attempting to move the mysterious White Lantern battery, but here, Johns moves the story forward with a tremendous leap as ashen Black Lanterns return and the power battery cries out in pain.  Johns doesn't hold back or reserve plot twists for his Brightest Day series alone, and the reveal behind the "find them" cry should excite fans immensely.

If this wasn't enough, audiences also witness the return of Sodam Yat and the strange Guardian-like figure cast in a shredded cloak.  It’s still unclear who this figure is, but no one can doubt her/his powers and significance as it makes direct contact with the Daxamite within the center of the planet's sun, nor her/his motives as the interaction with Ion spells disaster for Daxam's super-powered population.  The Ion and Parallax entities, not seen since the end of Blackest Night, are finally reunited, but in very troubling and disturbing circumstances. 

The remainder of the issue is spent in combat between Hal, Sinestro, and Carol versus Atrocitus until the arrival of yet another surprising character at the very end hinted at by Johns in various interviews.  Although the DC ad promotion of Hal dealing with Larfleeze isn't delivered in this issue as the Orange Lantern makes but one, shadowy appearance, Johns does not let up or offer fans a moment to relax with this story. 

Assisted by the amazing artwork of Doug Mahnke, who has made a stunning transition from his dark interiors during Blackest Night into something that highlights his artistic prowess and diversity, Green Lantern #54 is a true thrill ride from beginning to end.

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