Green Lantern #66


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Green Lantern #66


  • Words: Geoff Johns
  • Art: Doug Mahnke
  • Inks: Keith Champagne, Christian Alamy, Nick Irwin & Tom Nguyen
  • Colors: Randy Mayor
  • Story Title: War of the Green Lanterns
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: May 25, 2011

Hal and Guy tussle with the Entity-possessed Guardians as Sinestro attempts to escape the Book of the Black. After what has felt like six issues of set-up, the action finally kicks into gear, but just when the fight reaches fever pitch, the focus switches to some interesting events that, while interesting, feel detached from the central plot.

Watching Hal and Guy combat the Guardians makes for some creative constructs, including giant war axes, rail guns, and a fan-favorite kitty that explodes out of Guy’s mouth in fiery red energy. As far as the design of each Guardian goes, the Hope, Will, and Compassion ones look spectacular, whereas the others look as silly and menacing as a Chucky Doll – especially the Rage one with horns so disproportionately huge that he might topple over any second. Visuals are strong for most of the issue, but there are a few instances where Guy’s face looks oddly cartoonish, such as on page six. The inconsistencies are generally harmless, especially when considering the breathtaking full-page image of the heroes getting a nasty rainbow-energy shock, which looks as horrific as it does beautiful.

While that battle ensues, the story switches to what has befallen those all-but-forgotten characters trapped in the Book of the Black. Sinestro discovers he’s stuck in a fictitious place reliving his tortured past and rips through the pages, landing him in the back-stories of the other prisoners, which gives the first glimpse into the mysterious origins of Larfleeze and Indigo-1. Indigo’s true personality is refreshingly abrasive, but the secret revealed about her connection to current Green Lantern continuity teeters on ridiculous and intriguing.

With such rich material in the Book of the Black sequence, it’s frustrating more time was not spent there. The tension surrounding Krona’s plan has ebbed with each passing issue, and now that he finally reveals his end game it feels a little too late to make up for lost excitement.

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