Green Lantern #67


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Green Lantern #67


  • Words: Geoff Johns
  • Art: Doug Mahnke
  • Inks: Christian Alamy, Keith Champane, Tom Nguyen & Mark Irwin
  • Colors: Gabe Eltaeb & Randy Mayor
  • Story Title: Conclusion
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: Jul 13, 2011

Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke bring War of the Green Lanterns to a conclusion with issue #67 of the acclaimed series, and not only is it a fulfilling end to the three month crossover, but it is without a doubt the best issue of the series since Blackest Night.

Johns could have easily rushed through #67 in an effort to tie-up loose ends as he barrels towards the new DC relaunch in September.  Thankfully, however, he instead packs this final issue with dense amounts of character development and meaningful moments.  For fans of Green Lantern who have stuck with the book since Rebirth, it’s no secret that Johns places just as much importance on the tyrant Thaal Sinestro, as he does on the hero Hal Jordan.  Issue #67 builds upon the relationship these two former friends have by finally acknowledging Sinestro’s dedication and respect for the Green Lantern Corps.  We not only witness Sinestro’s reverence and admiration for the values of the Green Lantern Corps, but also for his mortal enemy Hal Jordan.  Just as Jordan begins to succumb to Krona’s horrifying control, Sinestro heroically intervenes to save his former ally.  What makes this moment of shared willpower so significant, moreover, is how simple and logical it truly is.  Despite the blood each has lost at the hands of the other, both Sinestro and Jordan see themselves as true members of the Green Lantern Corps.  Not only is Sinestro’s mindset explored, but several guardians from the other Corps are given new light and depth.  I was shocked and surprised to see, for example, both Larfleeze and Indigo-1 despise their rings for the control they wield over their minds.  As War of the Green Lanterns ends, it is quite clear the expanded spectral Corps will remain as vital and important to the Green Lantern universe as ever.

Doug Mahnke and the huge cast of inkers and colorists push the War of the Green Lanterns to an amazing high with the art in this issue.  Starting with a fantastic pencil base from Mahnke, the team of spectacular inkers and colorists fill in each page with beautiful hues and shades that complete the package.  The mix of the vibrant spectrum juxtaposed against black and grey empty voids is an amazing sight to see.  The full power of each Corps, entity, ring, and guardian is on full and gorgeous display across each and every page.

September cannot come soon enough as War of the Green Lanterns wraps up and sets a new and exciting status quo for Hal Jordan and his universe.  Geoff Johns, Doug Mahnke, and the vast team of inkers and colorists must be commended for creating the most insightful and gorgeous Green Lantern issue of the past year.

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