Grim Leaper #1


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Grim Leaper #1


  • Words: Kurtis J. Wiebe
  • Art: Aluisio Santos
  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Price: $3.50
  • Release Date: May 30, 2012

A black comedy oriented new mini-series.

Grim Leaper’s macabre yet comical hook is a welcome breath of fresh air.  Kurtis J. Wiebe, writer of Green Wake and the fantastic Peter Panzerfaust, clearly has a great sense of black humor, as Leaper’s main-man Lou Collins’ cyclical story of death is the home of more laughs than cringes.  In a well constructed first offering, Wiebe introduces two characters destined for love, Collins’ unending cycle of death and rebirth, and ends it all with a shocking though no less funny conclusion.

Grim Leaper’s Lou Collins is one scumbag readers will not be able to help but love.  Wiebe’s introductory sequence that follows Lou as he prowls for women at his own 13th funeral was the perfect hilarious introduction to the brand new series.  Not only does this event elicit more than a few laughs, but more importantly it clearly lays out the laws and logic of the series.  Without revealing the complete mystery of Leaper, Wiebe gives readers just a taste of the cyclical lives of Lou, which consist of more than their fair share of gruesome deaths, and eventually the writer introduces a spark of romance found in a similarly trapped young woman.  Wiebe’s mix of fresh ideas, a loveable bastard of a character, and Lou’s blossoming love interest all combine to create a great first issue well worth a glance.

Grim Leaper, furthermore, comes packed with a charming and quick backup story written by Footprints scribe Joey Esposito.  Following the mundane lives of two lovers dying to meet each other, Esposito’s backup in the perfect companion to Wiebe’s main piece.  Though focusing on different parts of life, the pair’s focus on similar themes of love and desire complement each other well, as each finds common ground in the parts of day-to-day life that keep everyone going.  Though only a quick four page read, Grim Leaper would do well to continue to feature Esposito’s work in the book’s subsequent issues.

Grim Leaper is a fresh and fun title that focuses on some of life’s most uncomfortable circumstances.  In the less than likeable Lou Collins, readers will surely find a character to quickly connect with, and in his story, the beginning of what could possibly be a warming and satisfying love story.  

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