Hairy Things #1


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Hairy Things #1


  • Words: Jay Carvajal
  • Art: Marc Borstel
  • Story Title: The Misadventures of Clark & Jefferson
  • Publisher: Ape Entertainment
  • Price: $3.95
  • Release Date: Jan 6, 2010

In the first four issues of "The Misadventures of Clark & Jefferson" we met up with our (anti-)heroes, where Clark is the capable sherrif and Jefferson is the colored deputy who cannot even shoot straight. The two unlikely friends dish out 'lovely', funny and hilarious banter to each other and to others alike and the running jokes of the shooting skills of the deputy or the dung-magnet called Clark are to be recognised as the mortar of their friendship.

On a job outta town they come in contact with evil aliens who like to eat intestines and do experiments on humans. They find shelter in a military compound where Clark meets "Deadeye Mary" who truly can handle herself.

They battle the aliens (and rescue some Indians while at it) for all they're worth and come out victorious (although Giving Bird is the sole survivor) and so a new band of four friends is formed...

Hairy Things (one of three issues) happens a week later, when our friends come back home and Clark's Gang shows that they are always in for a good bar-brawl, whereas the bar owner keeps regretting to invite them in, based on the costs of new glass and furniture! Luckily for the bar owner they indeed came to say farewell and are going to head west. When they go into a forest they find an abandoned coach they decide to ride it into the nearest town. The town welcomes Jefferson with a nice lady, Giving Bird with a mystery but Mary and Clark are getting the big prize as the town is getting overrun by "hairy things" better known as yeti, sasquatch or bigfoot. The "Big Elder Brothers" are said to be attacking innocent village-people. Yet the band of friends might discover that there can be bigger monsters than those with hairy hides!!

These Misadventures of Clark & Jefferson read like a rollercoaster, with great lines, a great line-up and the art to par. There is gore, eyecandy galore and a dynamic that is set by rich colorings. There is something for everyone in here and writer Jay Carvajal and artist Marc Borstel really deliver a nice meal to be enjoyed!

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