Hardcore #1


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Hardcore #1


  • Words: Robert Kirkman
  • Art: Brian Stelfreeze
  • Colors: Sunny Gho of IFS
  • Publisher: Top Cow/Image Comics
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: May 16, 2012

Any person, any killer, any place.

Robert Kirkman’s first foray into Hardcore is an exciting and deadly thrill-ride that breaks the barriers of science and espionage.  Tapping into the possibilities of brain manipulation and controlling technologies, Kirkman pumps out a high-octane and violent first issue, where assassins can be anywhere or anyone, even the unlikeliest of killers.

In Hardcore, government sponsored sciences have given the greatest of assassins the ability to tap into the minds of helpless, though quite guilty, humans across the entire planet. From the relative safety of a flooded tank, lead killer Drake secretively infiltrates the most deadly and criminal of organizations, where each unsuspecting target is at their most vulnerable.  Though the fighting, killing, and thrill of Hardcore dominates the first issue, it is clear that Kirkman has grander plans for the title than merely packing each issue with action scenes.  Hardcore turns out to as much a story of betrayal, impending doom, and survival as it is an assassin thriller.  Drake’s story leaves off on a fairly predictable, though no less exciting, cliffhanger, where his game has changed and everything he knows is now gone. 

Hardcore is another brand new series from the famed Robert Kirkman, one that reads like a deadly companion piece to Thief of Thieves.  Like Thieves, Hardcore’s characters are fun, deadly, and likeable though their disposition should prove otherwise.  For a first step, Hardcore hits all the right beats: a thrilling hook, a deadly and exciting story, and cliffhangers that will leave readers ready for more.

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