Higher Earth #1


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Higher Earth #1


  • Words: Sam Humphries
  • Art: Francesco Biagini
  • Publisher: BOOM! Studios
  • Price: $1.00
  • Release Date: May 9, 2012

Space is dead

Sam Humphries’ new project, Higher Earth, has been teasing readers for months with its viral images of infinite parallel universes under the lash of a tyrannical “higher” Earth.  The first issue finally hits stands this week, so how does it stack up to previous projects like Our Love is Real and Sacrifice

Higher Earth #1 is careful not to overwhelm readers within its introductory pages with an expansive and complex universe.  Humphries introduces the series’ protagonist, Rex, and barely teases the concept of infinite parallel Earths; choosing instead to keep the focus small, quick, and action oriented.  Higher Earth reads incredibly fast as Rex is constantly on the move, leaping, slashing, and stabbing his adversaries across junkyards and science facilities.  Though Higher Earth #1 does little beyond introducing Rex and his new mysterious companion, Heidi, the book  left me dying to know more about their past, homeworlds, and why they are being chased by totalitarian authority.  The wait for the follow up issue may be too much to bear, which strangely, may be a good sign for Higher Earth.

Higher Earth #1 is fun, quick, and exciting.  Sam Humphries does well to not overload his new series with hard sci-fi language, and chooses to instead focus on fast character movements and exciting fight scenes.  With an infinite amount of worlds to explore, Humphries has a giant canvas in front of him waiting to color.

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