Homecoming #1


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Homecoming #1


  • Words: David Wohl
  • Art: Emilio Lasio
  • Colors: Brett Smith
  • Publisher: Aspen Comics
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: Aug 15, 2012

Hunter Wilson might seem like your average teenager, but all is about to change when Celeste returns home! Celeste disappeared ten years ago but it was never discovered how, since there were apparantly also sightings of a UFO at that time. When Hunter discovers the amnesiac Celeste in his backyard, he is eager to help her and since his parents are away and he knows a tad about computers, he creates a new ID for Celeste. She now enrolls in Hunter´s high school, meeting Hunter´s friends and astounding the teachers with her advanced learning skills and knowledge.

When planning the Homecoming event, the group of friends is jumped by an alien monstrosity who is targetting Celeste as she is now apparently the alien Princess of Turrigus. During the fierce fight, not only the memories are returning to Celeste, but also much havoc occurs and Hunter´s friends are hurt.

To save their lives, Celeste heals them... and without permission she also changes them into something else...

To say all is going at an extremely fast pace in this debut issue is an understatement, but through the catchy dialogue and with support of the art of Emilio Lasio it is a really nice trip. It only falls short due to the page count, as alas is the format, but other then that, this is one fancy science fiction adventure. There are some quirks to the story that might make this edgy and far more interesting than just a mere SF-story and, knowing Aspen's reputation, I would guess we are in for a treat!

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