Image Month: America's Got Powers #1


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Image Month: America's Got Powers #1


  • Words: Jonathan Ross
  • Art: Bryan Hitch
  • Inks: Andrew Currie and Paul Neary
  • Colors: Paul Mounts
  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: Apr 11, 2012

Bryan Hitch’s return to the indie comics world.

Image continues to pump out brand new release after brand new release with America’s Got Powers #1.  In a fun yet poignant take on America’s obsession with reality TV, super-powered teens fight for their lives in order to join America’s favorite team of heroes. 

Writer Jonathan Ross focuses the heart of America’s Got Powers on the sole teen that remained unchanged so many years ago from a bizarre explosion of super talents.  Tommy Watts finds himself constantly reminded of his lack of abilities even to the point of bullying, yet in true superheroic fashion Watts is one of the few true souls in a compound of over-powered and over-confident teens. 

This compound is the foundation for the hook of America’s Got Powers. In order to fund the teens’ compound and the research into the cause of their powers, the young adults battle for their lives in front of billions across the planet, all in an effort to gain fandom and join the ranks of “the world’s only super team.”  The premise may seem a tad bit silly, but it offers up several opportunities to comment on America’s obsession with realty programming, and even more importantly a chance to put into context how strange it is to be entertained by the struggles of others.  Countless side characters in America’s Got Powers truly devour the pain and injury these “heroes” endure, even though this idea is exaggerated, it is not all that far off from reality.

The biggest draw of America’s Got Powers, on the other hand, may prove to be Bryan Hitch’s return to indie publishing.  America’s Got Powers is a huge book, topping out at 40 gorgeous pages.  When considering the level of detail spread across numerous double-page splashes, down to the smallest most focused frame, Hitch’s work is beyond impressive.  Naturally, the most exciting visual aspect of the book is the full-force kinetic action scenes, where Hitch displays a true mastery of motion.  Whether Hitch depicts teens racing full force into their mock battle, or an actual violent explosive attack on the compound, Hitch’s art is great through and through.

America’s Got Powers is a good start to Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch’s new series.  With some solid actions scenes, ideas that will provoke some great discussions, and Tommy Watts’ great personality, America’s Got Powers has something interesting for every reader.  

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