Image Month: Hell Yeah #2


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Image Month: Hell Yeah #2


  • Words: Joe Keatinge
  • Art: Andre Szymanowicz
  • Colors: Jason Lewis
  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: Apr 4, 2012

This appears to be yet another entry in the long line of Image Comics that have people talking as of late. The first printing of Hell Yeah #1 has sold out but the second printing is available now. Apparently the second issue also sold out, even before publication, but it too will receive another printing in the coming weeks.

Hell Yeah’s debut introduced us to rebellious superpowered student Ben Day and his forced adventure with three women from another dimension, and with this issue we get more of an understanding as to the possible death facing him.

Keatinge, being a former Image PR man, and writer of the also popular Glory, knows how to craft a good story, even using the well travelled tropes of post-modern superheroics with the appearance of superheroes affecting the way the world runs, superheroines in skimpy costumes, and alternate universe shenanigans. He still has some way to go to make these familiar elements seem refreshing and original, but so far he seems to be making his way towards doing that.

In last month’s issue three attractive women accidentally blew up Ben’s Kurtzberg University, although it’s named Kurtsberg here. Those women (Jess, Val and Di) travel with Ben and his friend Sara to his house and explain the recent events and the danger that's on its way to his reality. In other words, someone is hunting down alternate versions of Ben, and he's next. Val saw her version of Ben die before her eyes, and wants to make sure that doesn't happen with this Ben.

There’s more talking than action here, which is fine, but it doesn’t always add up to an understandable plot. This issue is slightly more confusing than it needs to be, primarily due to the sequence where Val touches Ben and they teleport. At least I think that’s what happens.

Szymanowicz’s rough cartoon approach, coupled with Lewis's glowing colours, helps to give these pages a pop and vibrancy fitting in a world of superheroes and I’d imagine when the action (that has been teased so far) ramps up, it’ll look a treat.

Like last month, this issue’s cliffhanger has a tentative connection to the story, at least so far, but Keatinge knows what he’s doing and is obviously building his story to a cohesive, and intriguing, whole.

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