Image Month: Secret #1


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Image Month: Secret #1


  • Words: Jonathan Hickman
  • Art: Ryan Bodenheim
  • Story Title: Teeth With Which to Eat
  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Price: $3.50
  • Release Date: Apr 11, 2012

Jonathan Hickman continues to dominate Image Comics.

Jonathan Hickman aims to take over Image Comics as the acclaimed writer of Pax Romana, The Nighty News, and Red Mass for Mars delivers yet another fantastic release for the indie publisher.  Along with last month’s Manhattan Projects, this week’s Secret #1 unleashes Hickman’s complex and wild imagination upon the world.  Secret #1 is a collection of what appears to be several completely unrelated events, but with hints of an epic conspiracy and a secret that promises to take down whole governments, Secret #1 is the beginning of a mystery that I cannot wait to unravel.

With Secret’s introductory issue, Hickman introduces several characters caught in memorable events.  As of yet the majority of the players are undeveloped, though it is quite clear that each and every character is merely a piece in a massive diabolical chess game, where the true players remain hidden.  That’s not to say there is no development, however, as private security official Grant Miller stands out as a confident and treacherous leading man.  Miller perfectly captures the tone of Secret, as his double crossing is the “chess game” scenario on the smallest of scales, where making one move only distracts from the true plot. 

Conspiring with Hickman in this adventure is artist Ryan Bodenheim, whose evocative color work adds incredible layers of depth to almost every scene.  Bodenheim’s pencils are solid from start to finish, but when his colors hit the page the scenes truly jump out at the reader.  The opening black and white scene, for instance, is made all the more dynamic with the small addition of a stimulating red that emphasizes the violence.  Each scene is comprised of simple pencils, and colored with the most minimalist of tones, yet the choice of color and amount is so effective across the book.

Despite scenes of interrogation, torture, closed-door scheming, and bloody murder, Hickman leaves readers almost completely in the dark, but strangely Secret #1 is wholly satisfying.  The events that Hickman chooses to show set the stage for upcoming issues, while piquing interest from the very beginning.  Secret #1 is a great introduction for Hickman’s new series where it seems no one is safe, there are countless motives to watch for, and betrayal is around every corner. 

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