Image Month: Supreme #1


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Image Month: Supreme #1


  • Words: Rob Liefeld & Brian Murray
  • Art: Brian Murray
  • Inks: Rob Liefeld
  • Colors: Brian Murray and Digital Chameleon
  • Story Title: Second Coming
  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Price: $1.95
  • Release Date: Jan 11, 1992

Maybe it's because he came first and is therefore the archtype and the character everyone else is compared to.  Maybe it's because no one feels his popularity reaches the heights it should.  And maybe it's just because creators feel there are too many rules and regulations associated with him.  But either way, it's interesting that most creators don't like Superman, but they all want to do their own version of the Ubermensch.  So what exactly did Rob Liefeld and Brian Murray add to their version to hook readers?

Well, they first gave him an interesting backstory.  One of the more inventive things done with this book is right on the cover as it is referred to as Supreme #1, Volume 2. Seeing as how Image was less than a year old, there is no real way that this is Volume 2, but that in and of itself adds depth to the book.  First, it's pretty meta in that it immediately recognizes this is a comic book.  Secondly, it hammers home the point that there is a backstory to this character.  Something came before this book.  And we learn that further along in the story as well.  The book is called "Second Coming" for a reason.  Supreme has come back to Earth, for what reason and who will he side with?

So that's the setup.  The problem within this book is that's all we get.  Supreme comes back, Youngblood meets him, fights him, and then offers him membership. The rest of the world waits with baited breath wondering where he's gone and what he'll do now that he returns.  But in the meantime we are left with pages and pages just wondering what this character can do.  We get a glimpse in the short fight with Youngblood, but realistically the only expectations we can get are all based on Superman (something Alan Moore brilliantly played up in his run on the character). The one big difference though between Superman and the Supreme we see here is in their demeanor.  Superman is "the boy scout," an ultimate good guy who is nice to everyone.  Supreme, well, he's kind of a dick.

13-year-old Sam ate this up.  Superman who's a jerk?  Sold.  Surpreme quickly became one of my more anticipated Image titles, just to see who he would be a jerk to next.  33-year-old Sam on the other hand, well, he doesn't care as much.

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