Image Month: Youngblood #1


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Image Month: Youngblood #1


  • Words: Hank Kanalz
  • Art: Rob Liefeld
  • Inks: Rob Liefeld
  • Colors: Brian Murray
  • Story Title: Youngblood #1
  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Price: $1.95
  • Release Date: Apr 1, 1992

This is the one.  Where it all began.  The book that started the revolution that was Image Comics.  And what a way to announce their arrival too.  An all new superteam, guns, knives, and arrows drawn and ready to strike, right on the cover.  Both of them in fact.  An enjoyable book when it first arrived, it holds up surprisingly well 20 years later.

Everyone knows so much about this team nowadays.  Split between a Home Team that handled domestic disturbances and an Away Team that dealt with a suspiciously named Haddam Kussein, the book is the epitome of the big tits, big guns, big action phase of comics.  13-year-old Sam enjoyed it then, and for the most part 33-year-old Sam enjoyed it now (although I will admit it had been so long since I read the book I completely forgot it was a flipbook).  Sure, the characters are simple and generic, but that doesn't make them any less enjoyable.  Sure, the dialogue is also extremely simple, but for a book that was introducing brand new characters and a brand new world, maybe that was for the best.  Neither story is all that complex either, but not everything has to have multiple layers and meanings.  This is just a fun action book. 

It's real easy these days to pick at Rob Liefeld for his storytelling and artwork.  Yes, it's questionable that he ever took an anatomy class, but his linework is clean and everything is laid out in front of the reader so that there is no confusion.  And it works.  It's fast paced, action packed, and just a good all around comic.  It's a shame that all the excitement and buildup for this one was derailed by years of scheduling problems and politics. 

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