It Came! #1


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It Came! #1


  • Words: Dan Boultwood
  • Art: Dan Boultwood
  • Publisher: Titan Comics
  • Price: $3.99
  • Release Date: Aug 7, 2013

In reading the premise of It Came!, I have to acknowledge the fact that much more information is being told via the press releases than via the first issue. In this case, that is actually a good thing, as aside from the abundant information on the story, it also explains that this will be just a 4-issue series and the readers will have their moment's entertainment for sure. Especially if you "keep your notions of gender equality dialed back sixty years" as it so hilarously states.

The story revolves around space scientist Dr. Boy Brett and his lovely assistant Doris Night, who seem to be touring the British landscape for no apparant reason other than to... be touring the British landscape. The true fun of their adventure starts when they encounter a gigantic robot, presumably from outer space, which is bent on attacking them without apparant reason. The "couple" manage to get away... and that is pretty much the gist of the debut issue.

Not much there, right? WRONG!!

The truly entertaining part of this series lies in the snappy and speedy remarks of both Brett and Night, and especially the corny and old-fashioned way Brett uses his gentlemen's style (both in action and in words). Dan Boultwood, the creator/artist, manifests a lush animation-cel technique which brings about a real 1950s B-movie-style feel, with a firm tongue-in-cheek approach.

Add to this a feeling that you are indeed watching an old (and GREAT) movie and the fact that while reading this comic, the reader automatically adds special effects, sounds, and a soundtrack in his or her mind, and you can truly say: this is entertainment.

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