Justice League #6


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Justice League #6


  • Words: Geoff Johns
  • Art: Jim Lee
  • Inks: Sandra Hope, Batt & Mark Irwin
  • Colors: Alex Sinclar with Tony Avina and Hi-Fi
  • Story Title: Justice Leage Part Six
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Price: $3.99
  • Release Date: Feb 29, 2012

Geoff Johns and Jim Lee bring the first arc of Justice League to an electrifying conclusion.

Just like the five issues that preceded it, Justice League #6 is a gigantic, exciting, action-packed thrill ride.  Darkseid finally made his godly presence known to the world’s greatest, if not most dysfunctional, heroes.  Did the “Super Seven” finally put their mutual mistrust aside in order to save the world?  Justice League #6 is worth the cover price to find out.

JL #6 is exactly what readers have come to expect from the explosive series, and much more.  The yet-to-be-titled Justice League finally comes together to protect the Earth, but the most proactive and true saviors are not the typical Big Two; Wonder Woman and Aquaman both strike major blows against the evil god Darkseid, while the young Cyborg, finally mastering his grafted technology, turns Darkseid’s tech against him.  Though Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, and the Flash all have their brief standout moments, Geoff Johns’ choice to utilize and highlight the less famous characters instead of relying solely on Superman made Justice League #6 a much more refreshing and exciting read.  If Johns’ plan is to truly invigorate and revitalize the Justice League franchise, he is off to a great start.

Justice League #6 accomplishes much more than thrilling readers with an amazing climactic battle.  Darkseid’s reasoning for attacking Earth is finally revealed, though the sequence is far from being a stereotypical villain’s final act expository scene.  Batman’s heroic ventures through the fiery war-world of Apokolips to save Superman, moreover, opens up the door to a sequence that reveals a multitude of new facts about DC’s New 52 universe.  And finally as the issue closes out, several of DC’s yet to be seen magical characters make their debut, including a long-lost stranger, a vengeful spirit, as well as a firm introduction of The New 52’s mysterious observer, Pandora.

Justice League is not simply Geoff Johns’ love letter to DC Comics’ seven greatest heroes.  In true to fashion style, Jim Lee’s pencils are crisp, tight, and packed with great storytelling techniques.  Darkseid has never looked so ominous, evil, and threatening, while Wonder Woman’s full-faced smile as her sword finds its mark in the evil god’s eye is one of the best single pages in the series.  The driving force of Justice League seems to be excitement, and the numerous awe-inspiring splash pages effortlessly accomplish this goal.  Wonder Woman, Superman, and Cyborg all get their time to shine in the pages of JL #6, while the final defeat of Darkseid blinds readers with a minimalistic, but no less powerful splash.  For well read DC readers, moreover, Jim Lee’s final page is sure to bring a smile, with his take on the Justice League’s battle with Starro from the pages of Brave and the Bold #28.

As great as Justice League #6, it does leave a few questions begging to be answered.  Darkseid’s intentions are briefly covered, but not fully explained, while the god of evil himself does not get enough page-time to explore his megalomaniac personality.  Darkseid served as a great catalyst to bring the Justice League together, but there was not enough character development throughout the six issues to introduce the villain who is possibly the greatest threat in the DC Universe.  Luckily, however, the god of evil is sure to return sometime soon.

DC’s flagship title delivered an incredibly action-packed, gigantic, and most of all fun conclusion to its first arc.  Geoff Johns and Jim Lee surely know the explosive style of their title and oriented each and every page to reflect the size and fun of their ideas.  As Justice League moves forward, it’s clear that the scope of the book and the DC Universe is only bound to grow.

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