Memorial #2


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Memorial #2


  • Words: Chris Roberson
  • Art: Rich Ellis
  • Colors: Grace Allison
  • Publisher: IDW Publishing
  • Price: 3.99
  • Release Date: Jan 18, 2012

Chris Roberson is building a magical world that can compete with some of the industry's best.

After only two issues, Chris Roberson and Rich Ellis’ Memorial feels like a young companion to the equally magical worlds of Fables and The Unwritten, a book where “everything that might exist, does exist.”  Starring the warm and affable Em and her talking feline guide, Memorial #2 continues to broaden the scope of Roberson’s universe, raises more questions, and leads readers on a fantastical journey.

Memorial’s cast of characters and competing factions continues to grow in this second installment, along with the complexity of Em’s new world.  During her travels, Em is confronted with numerous new questions about her purpose, the importance of a mysterious and magical door with the ability to transport her anywhere, and most importantly of all, a tenacious talking cat with knowledge beyond his small stature.  The numerous worlds that Roberson is building, cleverly built upon the ideas of “maybe,” “moment,” and “memory,” completely burst open the gates for countless avenues of creativity and story, undoubtedly with danger lurking behind every unfamiliar face and shadow.

Memorial is a world that is best experienced and appreciated after diving full force into the series.  The book breathes a certain level of magical wonder, where anything and everything is possible.  Em’s journey is sure to delight fans of countless genres and tastes.

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