Memorial #3


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Memorial #3


  • Words: Chris Roberson
  • Art: Rich Ellis
  • Colors: Grace Allison
  • Publisher: IDW Publishing
  • Price: $3.99
  • Release Date: Feb 8, 2012

Em visits the Ivory Tower of Babylon.

With issue #3 of Memorial, writer Chris Roberson continues to tease readers as to the greater power and importance of our heroine, Em, while also revealing more about the magical Everlands within the walls of the Ivory Tower of Babylon.

The Ivory Tower has been the most exciting setting Em has yet traveled to in Memorial.  With its roots in history, magic, story, and Memorial itself, the all too brief time spent within the white walls was enlightening and incredibly fun.  Not only did it allow the story to continue to grow and unfold, it also gave artist Rich Ellis a chance to draw some tense and kinetic action sequences, with members of the Ivory Tower battling against Smoke and other Shadows from Darkness Falls.

Beyond Em’s story, Peter makes a brief return, though now captured and tortured at the hands of our leading lady’s greatest enemy.  More importantly, however, is the realization that not even Mistress Moment understands the true power of Em and the key she now holds.

Memorial continues to thrill, with its ever expanding magical world keeping readers on their toes.  Chris Roberson and Rich Ellis have struck gold with their title, and it seems the gold mine of Memorial is far from dead.

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