Mind MGMT #0


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Mind MGMT #0


  • Words: Matt Kindt
  • Art: Matt Kindt
  • Colors: Matt Kindt
  • Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: Nov 14, 2012

Delve into the murky backwater of the mind with Matt Kindt’s Mind MGMT #0.

Matt Kindt takes us on a journey into the background of the mysterious organization called Mind Management in three mind-bending tales. “The Bear” shows us the world of Germany’s equivalent to Mind Management’s top agent, Henry Lyme, but he may prove no match for the most powerful mind the world has never known. The second secret file, “Perfect,” offers a more suitable introduction to Meru and her best seller Premeditated and all that went into the writing (and rewriting) of it. And “Forever” unravels the eternal life of a World War I soldier named Alberto, who, along with Sir Francis, trained and ultimately was recruited by Mind Management for jobs ranging from ordinary to unorthodox. 

I remember reading this trio of trippy tales as digital installments a while back, and rereading them, they remind me just how awesome Matt Kindt is to have given Mind MGMT to comicdom. At once high brow and packed with blood-bursting action, issue #0 digs a derrick into the fertile groundwork of Mind MGMT, and what it yields is 24 pages of intrigue, introduction (and in some cases farewells), and leaves inside of us a lingering notion that there’s much more to Mind MGMT than we might ever really know, and Matt Kindt is a true Zen master at keeping us speculating. He uses no mind powers (that we’re aware of); only an original story with fresh, off-beat characters that’s told with solid proficiency in writing, of which these three eight-page shorts are testament.

There’s also a new installment of “The Second Floor,” which goes into the interesting idea of Flux House, an ever-changing safe house for Mind Management agents. Ingenious stuff, as always, and I’m looking very forward to Mind MGMT #7, and you should, too.

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