Mind MGMT #1


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Mind MGMT #1


  • Words: Matt Kindt
  • Art: Matt Kindt
  • Colors: Matt Kindt
  • Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
  • Price: $3.99
  • Release Date: May 23, 2012

Mind MGMT will make Christopher Nolan’s Inception feel like trite foreplay.  

Matt Kindt’s high concept tale about a secret organization with extranormal abilities is much more than simple mind management –– it’s a severe mind screw! Mind MGMT #1 involves three stories that ease us into a strange domain that’s like our own, but inhabited by strangeness at every turn of the page. Meru, a writer who hasn’t had a follow-up best seller in the two years since her book took the world by storm, takes on one final case –– a journey to find Henry Lyme, the only man unaccounted for during the unfortunate case of Amnesia Flight 815, in which every passenger on board mysteriously lost his or her memory. Meru is sent to a small town in Mexico that’s apparently suffered a similar fate, and as she’s about the get closer to uncovering the truth, she learns that her own life is in danger from those who would prefer to keep the 121st passenger a buried secret.

Matt Kindt is certainly playing with fire with Mind MGMT #1. Already proving to be an unconventional book in that it dares to not only tell a compelling story that keeps our eyebrows furrowed as we read, it also makes us think, burning into our brains a story as complex as memory itself. Kindt is also pushing the envelope on the way this story will be told, as he mentions at the end of this spectacular first issue. This is not only a story that is sure to please all audiences craving something fresh, but it keeps us entertained all the while because of Kindt’s signature artwork and expert story sense.

The companion stories included in Mind MGMT #1 –– one called “The Futurist,” which tells the story about a Mind MGMT agent who can see into the future, and another called “The Second Floor,” a period piece about the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and the creation of this extrasensory organization –– round out this Dark Horse Original and help it serve as a solid orientation into a jarring universe we won’t soon forget.

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